Chad Kelly to announce college decision Thursday

According to CBS affiliate WIVB-TV in Buffalo, former Red Lion quarterback Chad Kelly will announce his college decision on Thursday.
The station also reports Kelly has narrowed his choice down to three schools: Alabama, Clemson and Florida State.
Kelly, the nephew of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, has garnered plenty of recruiting attention since his mid-season departure from Red Lion’s football team a year-and-a-half ago. He pieced together a record-setting season last fall for St. Jospeh’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo. (For more, see here.)
There’s a video after the jump, also courtesy of WIVB.

Chad Kelly Ready to Decide:

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2 Responses to Chad Kelly to announce college decision Thursday

  1. Red Lion Fan says:

    Who cares?? This spoiled, self-entitled brat was like 50 miles of bad road at Red Lion. Nobody wants to go down it. College will fit him perfectly. Drug use, boozing & partying, breaking the law. Yeah he’s a great example of how NOT to be.

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