Poll: Week 9 YAIAA Football Player of the Week

Cast your vote for the Week 9 YAIAA Football Player of the Week. The poll will be open until 9 p.m. Wednesday, when we’ll announce the winner on GameTimePA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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At night, I'm an assistant sports editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. During the day, I live in and love York City.
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7 Responses to Poll: Week 9 YAIAA Football Player of the Week

  1. David says:

    How does Mike Felton not get on this list? He only scored 5 touchdowns against York High.

  2. Andy Wolf says:

    Jerrin Toomey

  3. Stephanie Hoke says:

    Jerrin Toomey

  4. S Berryman says:

    What about Berryman’s 2 receiving TD’s and his 2 Int’s

  5. Connie says:

    The stats speak volumes. Not much else to say!

  6. Brandon says:

    Matt Lehr???? 297 rush yards and 5 tds??? He’s got my vote.

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