YAIAA/District 3 basketball live chat, Feb. 23

Join us at 4 p.m. today for another live chat, as we take a look at the YAIAA basketball teams still alive in the District 3 playoffs.

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3 Responses to YAIAA/District 3 basketball live chat, Feb. 23

  1. Aboxley says:

    Great game last night…as a Yh/Ys fan I must agree smaller schools get little love. YS lost 4 times this year 2 to Sw by combine 3pts. &1 to Dtown by 4…don’t see same love as d1/2schools.

  2. john grahm says:

    Who willl south western have playing net year

    • John Clayton says:

      The Mustangs will have their two leading scorers back, forward Parker Bean and guard Mike Duffy. Sophomore guard Scott Hess played some minutes off the bench. But South Western will definitely have some holes to fill.

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