YAIAA football power rankings: Week 10

Quarterback Trevor Hildebrand helped Littlestown overtake Bermudian Springs, 12-10, on the road last week in a battle for the YAIAA Division III title, playoff positioning and the top spot in our league rankings. (GAMETIMEPA.COM -- FILE)

Quarterback Trevor Hildebrand helped Littlestown overtake Bermudian Springs, 12-10, on the road last week in a battle for the YAIAA Division III title, playoff positioning and the top spot in our league rankings. (GAMETIMEPA.COM — FILE)

The last two weeks have shaken up our top 10 in the YAIAA, and now just one Friday remains between the regular season and the District 3 postseason. If the playoffs began this week, six YAIAA teams would play as hosts in the first round of districts. Eight would make their respective classifications overall.

In some ways, the district ratings played a role in this week’s YAIAA rankings. In some ways, they also did not play a role.

Without further ado, here are this week’s rankings. Let us know what you agree or disagree with by commenting at the bottom.

1. Littlestown (9-0) — The Thunderbolts take the top spot in our power rankings and the YAIAA Division III standings with Trevor Hildebrand’s last-second touchdown against Bermudian Springs. However, the No. 1 seed in the District 3 Class AA playoffs would go to Berks Catholic if they started this week.
Last week: No. 2, beat Bermudian Springs, 12-10; this week: vs. Fairfield

2. Central York (7-2) — The Division I title belongs to the Panthers. Well, at least a share of it does for now. Central also is in prime position for a Week 11 home game as it sits seventh in the Class 4-A rankings.
Last week: No. 3, beat Red Lion; this week: at William Penn

3. Dallastown (7-2) — The Wildcats bounced back in a major way against Spring Grove. Sitting at No. 4 in the district, they not only would be in line for a first-round home game but also a second-rounder, too, if they can get past Week 11. First, they must get past Week 10 and that rivalry game with Red Lion.
Last week: No. 4, beat Spring Grove, 34-0; this week: at Red Lion

4. Bermudian Springs (8-1) — As expected, losing last week’s YAIAA Division III showdown was not too costly in the district ratings. The Eagles are third and could get a Littlestown rematch as early as the district semifinals, if things stand pat.
Last week: No. 1, lost to Littlestown, 12-10; this week: at Biglerville

5. Dover (7-2) — Just like the two other divisions in this York-Adams league, Division II was claimed last week. However, Dover made its No. 1-vs.-2 game a convincing one. The Eagles have a hold on the sixth spot in this week’s District 3 Class 3-A rankings.
Last week: No. 5, beat New Oxford, 45-17; this week: at Susquehannock

6. New Oxford (6-3) — Despite last week’s loss, the Colonials are 13th in Class 3-A and have an excellent shot to play past this week.
Last week: No. 6, lost to Dover, 45-17; this week: vs. West York

7. Spring Grove (5-4) — The Rockets, however, will need a little help. In the same class as Dover and New Oxford, Spring Grove must win at home against South Western, a team that beat the Rockets last year. That alone should be fuel for the Rockets, who must overtake one among a trio of 4-5 squads ahead of them in the district ratings: Red Land, Lampeter-Strasburg and Daniel Boone.
Last week: No. 7, lost to Dallastown, 34-0; this week: vs. South Western

8. York Catholic (6-3) — The Fighting Irish continue to roll, and their 40-22 win at York County Tech moved them slightly closer to Fairfield in the District 3 Class A power rankings.
Last week: No. 10, beat York County Tech, 40-22; this week: vs. York Suburban

9. Fairfield (6-3)  — Speaking of the Green Knights, they return to the top 10 after earning their first win against Delone Catholic in program history. Next up is league leader Littlestown.
Last week: NR, beat Delone Catholic, 14-7; this week: at Littlestown

10. Red Lion (4-5) — A win against Dallastown would surely go a long way for the Lions, who are 18th. Help in the District 3 Class 4-A picture would help, too. Lebanon and Mechanicsburg are 16th and 17th, and they also have a bit of a cushion in the ratings.
Last week: No. 9, lost to Central York, 35-14; this week: vs. Red Lion

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3 Responses to YAIAA football power rankings: Week 10

  1. MJacks44 says:

    Fairfield is a great story but if they are #9 then how about a little love for a team that beat them and is a nice story themselves. Eastern York. A win over York Tech would give them their first winning season in over 10 years.

  2. Rodger74 says:

    Agree 100% especially if York Suburban can beat York Catholic tonight and Eastern beats York Tech. That would leave Eastern, York Catholic, York Suburban and Fairfield all at 6 & 4 for the season. WITH Eastern beating both York Suburban and Fairfeild and York Catholic losing to both. Not to mention when Eastern played York Catholic it was with backup Quarter Back & Running Back. Div play records would be
    Eastern 6-3
    York Suburban 6-3 (if they lose to Catholic) 5-4
    York Catholic 5-4 (if they beat Suburban) 6-3
    Fairfield 5-4 (will lose to Littlestown)
    Eastern should be ranked higher than Fairfield if anyone did there research!!!!!

    • Matt Goul says:

      I feel Catholic has played the strongest second half among these D-III teams in that pack behind Littlestown and Berm. That’s why Catholic gets the nod over a Fairfield team that beat it. Because Fairfield has a win over Catholic and is enjoying a record season, it gets a nod over Eastern, which beat the Green Knights.

      Yes, if Suburban beats Catholic, I agree that Eastern should vault over the field. But since we can’t base this week’s rankings on future possibilities, I felt Catholic was the best measuring stick through nine weeks.

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