Athlete of the Week explainer

There has been confusion in the past about how we select the Athletes of the Week and how they are different from the YAIAA Athletes of the Week that you, the viewer, vote on every week here on this blog.

So here’s a breakdown of the process. is the home of high school sports coverage for four newspapers:

  • York Daily Record/Sunday News
  • The Hanover Evening Sun
  • Chambersburg Public Opinion
  • Lebanon Daily News

  • The YDR’s and the Evening Sun’s athletes of the week are the ones you vote on here, on the Varsity Beat blog. The nominees can be any kid from any one of the YAIAA’s 23 schools, plus Northern York or Red Land. (Here’s a list of former winners.) These also are the athletes you’ll find listed at the bottom of the front page in Tuesday’s print edition of the York Daily Record and Evening Sun.
  • Chambersburg names a female and male athlete of the week from about 12 schools in Franklin and Fulton counties.
  • Lebanon also chooses a female and male athlete of the week from the schools in Lebanon County that are a part of the L/L League. Over in Lancaster, reporter John Buffone adds his picks, too.

    Finally, all of these athletes, typically about 10, get their names thrown in a regional pool for a chance to be named the GameTimePA Athlete of the Week. This means athletes from York, Adams, Franklin, Fulton and Lebanon counties are competing against each other. These winners are picked by each of the four sports staffs on a rotating basis.

    In short, a player who is picked as the YAIAA Athlete of the Week might or might not be chosen as the GameTimePA Athlete of the Week.

    I hope this clears things up. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to give me call (771-2058) or shoot me an email (

  • 14 Responses to Athlete of the Week explainer

    1. Douglas Smallwood says:

      So what you’re saying is that the regional GameTime Athlete of the week is a subjective selection unlike the process used to select the athlete for the newspapers which is selected by the public! SMH

      • Lyzz Jones says:

        No, they are both subjective. This explainer was simply to let readers know why the YAIAA Athletes of the Week can be different from the GameTimePA Athletes of the Week. It’s hard for anyone to be 100% objective when picking the single-best performance from a mix of sports. Many variables involved.

    2. Candy says:

      The pole closed at 4 instead of 5 like it says. We still had people voting.

    3. gordon smith says:

      How on earth can YOU select a player of the week if you don’t even see the players perform.

      • Lyzz Jones says:

        I don’t have to see them to follow their stats. Plus, I use feedback from my writers and the public to pick the names for the polls.

    4. Angela Shoemaker says:

      Wish you would keep the poll open a little later than 5pm! Does not give people who work to get a vote in some people cannot lodge on to the internet while at work !! Thank You

    5. Kaitlyn says:

      Does the winner receive anything?

    6. Ed Brenner says:

      I noticed that a score was not reported on earlier in the week. How will a athlete that had a impact on that game be considered for Athlete of the Week.

      • Lyzz Jones says:

        Hi Ed. Unfortunately, sometimes coaches just don’t send us results. We have been asking people since the beginning of the season to send us weekly nominations … these need to be submitted by noon Saturday.

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