2 Responses to Memoir in verse by York nonagenarian Dottie Lindecamp

  1. Bob McClure says:

    Your review of Dottie Lindecamp’s book “Verses Along the Way” completely captured the spirit of the book. You are an excellent reviewer. Although I prefer prose over poetry, this book left me with a feeling of reading something extraordinary. Dottie told me that she thinks poetically. The words come to her as she thinks and writes. If I created poetry it would be blank verse. I cannot get words to rhyme in a poetic mode. Thank you for this excellent review. It pleased Dottie to no end.

  2. Thank you so much, Bob! I really appreciate that, and I’m thrilled to know that Dottie saw and enjoyed my review. I don’t even have to know her personally to know that she’s a force, just from reading her words and seeing her recollection of her life collected in such a thoughtful way.

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