11 Responses to Reader-submitted poem: Another tribute poem, from Helen Shubert of Springettsbury Township

  1. Toni Toole says:

    Beautiful… Both Alice and Helen are very dear friends and it’s great to read such a wonderful tribute from Helen to Alice. Alice is a very special person, just as Helen described, who I am proud to call a friend. Helen and I have been friends since we were teens. She has always aspired to be an author. Maybe this publication will be the catalyst to get her started on her book she has always vowed to write. Go for it girlfriend you can do it. Love you both!

  2. Bernice (Alice) Patton says:

    This poem was beautiful. Thank you Helen for the poem and your encourgement. As I read the poem tears formed. While trying to acquire my degree I experience several bouts with sickness, which came to discourage me, but through all of the sickness Helen you were there telling me I can do it so I kept on going. I love you and appreciate your friendship. God put people in our lives for a reason and I thank God that he placed you there for me.
    You have always had a desire to write; this is only the beginning and to think I am the first one to go in print with you. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!


  3. Nikia Shubert says:

    What a wonderful poem. I loved the way it talks about Alice and her journey to get her degree. It’s obvious she loves the Lord and has been an inspiration to Helen. I also noticed that Helen (lovingly) brought full circle back to herself (LOL). I love your friendship, your love for the Lord and for one another. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today.

  4. Denise Durham says:

    Helen what an awesome tribute to your friend, the two of you have a wonderful relationship that exemplifies what friendship is supposed to be, caring for one another, bearing each others burdens, sharing joy and and laughter and praying for one another. Great and wonderful poem Helen! Keep writing, so that you can put your thoughts in a book. Be blessed friend.

  5. felicia sexton says:

    You always said you wanted to write a book, well here is your start. The poem is a beautiful inspiration to Alice. I remember back in the day, when we all worked together and Alice always gave her advice but never said anything negative. She is the type that makes you feel comfortable and is not overbearing. She would always try to reel Helen in with praising the Lord. Helen finally gave in and now she is BEAMING with light. I love them both and I’m glad to call them my guardian angels. Always there when you need them!!! This is such a beautiful inspiration and it couldn’t have come from anyone else! This poem is only the beginning!

  6. Helen what a beautiful tribute to friendship. You and Alice have been friends forever and I can always remember you telling me about her having her Bible. Back in the day girl..See we always knew God had his hand on us cousins, just a little hardheaded, we had to wait a little while to come in out of the rain…God is so good…Love you girl, beautiful just like you.

  7. Sylvia A Martin says:

    Congratulations Helen, what a very nice and inspirational tribute to your friend Alice. You have always had a way with words, so writing a book will be very easy for you. Thanks for sharing it with me, I appreciate your friendship and honesty and I believe you will master writing that book, trust God and stay focused. GO GET IT, IT’S YOUR TIME
    Be Blessed

  8. Mrs. Helen, are you manning the Tissue Committee? As Cindy read this heartfelt tribute her mascara began to run (smile). How beautiful that you can personify your dear friend through your rhetoric. Your analogies and metaphors paint a picturesque portrait for the reader. God’s blessing for continued inspiration with nouns, verbs, and adjectives as you honor your loved ones. We love you! P.S. Cindy wants to know when you are submitting HER tribute? (smile)

  9. Jim McClure says:

    Helen, nice meeting you the other day! As Stacia said above, thanks for sharing.
    Jim McClure

  10. Aretha Brown says:

    Unforgiving Winds

    I found Nemo to be an unforgiving airstream
    Winds that howl like proffering wolves
    Whimpering winds whirl witless words that fall on deaf ears
    Sassy winds that whip like a chastising belt
    Humbling a fresh tongue spoken out of turn
    The embedded sting from it burns
    This gentle breeze is a reprisal that tires
    Generating thoughts that spurn
    Narrowing eyes scheme to tattle
    Anticipating a time where winds are calm, kind and gentle

    Created by: Aretha Brown

    • Larry B. Tibbs says:

      Nice to see that Aretha Brown is still on the poetry scene. I enjoyed your poetry class at Boscov and continue to enjoy your poetry.

      Larry Tibbs

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