One Response to Reader-submitted poem: “Empty Seat,” by Ann Bortner of Windsor Township

  1. Matthew Jackson says:

    North Side New Jerusalem Matthew Jackson: December 16, 2012

    Concrete, scaffolds, cranes rise around Tesculum Street monks
    Like half-pitched pillars of Jerusalem’s lost temple
    As Rocky Balboa, with wrist flick, slings
    Tiny meteor into sidewalk that flings
    Flabby orb back to sweaty palm.

    They slowly circle rusted drum with hoodies pulled up tight
    So only noses nudge
    Drum fire crackled night
    Thick with sewage, soot, steam, debris.
    Half-gloved fingers fidget over flares, tickle rising cinders. Dickies
    Sag into storm drain vapors hissing, misting like incense
    While Mad Dog communion commences.
    This is their temple where they make solemn sacrifice
    Of pigeons, squirrels, milk crate dreams to
    Faceless Jehovah in starless sky.

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