March Poem of the Month contest

For March, the Poem of the Month prompt is: Write a poem about luck. Your poem could be about a time when you experienced either good or bad luck, or you could describe an object, prayer or mantra that has brought you luck in the past.

When your poem is finished, copy and paste it as a comment on this post. Be sure to include the poem’s title, your name and your York County, Pa., township of residence.

About Stacia M. Fleegal

York Daily Record multiplatform journalist. Degrees in creative writing from Lycoming College and Spalding University, and a coupla books with my name on them. Central PA native who came home after floating around for a while, but always grounded by words and the places and people I remember.
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10 Responses to March Poem of the Month contest

  1. Natalia Richards says:

    A Moment of Luck

    I was out one day in a grass field you see then in plain sight I saw a clover with four leaves the day still young and I felt so free there was a light breeze flowing through each blade and every single tree feeling lucky that I was able to be me maybe one day the rest of rhe world would be able to feel special and degree that they would soon try and be free

  2. Amy Kern Triantafyllou says:

    Lucky Me

    It’s been a decade since my great escape
    I wasn’t sure what I was running from but certain where I was going
    It Had to be much better
    A lucky charm around my nape
    A clover in my pocket
    Lucky me
    Lucky me
    With speed of a rocket
    A thrust forward through the years
    And here where I landed
    Far less tears, lucky me.

    There’s no sense looking back on it
    The dark stretch of life I will not dwell upon
    Each line on my face is a stroke of wisdom
    Earned by my walk through hell at one time

    And just as the battle through this cold
    Promises to bring spring
    So is the trek of life to be
    Lucky me
    Lucky me

    And so

    with charm around my nape
    And a clover in my pocket
    I’ll climb aboard my rocket ship from here
    To the next galaxy
    Never to be stuck in any rut as I am free

    Lucky me

    Amy Kern Triantafyllou
    North Codorus Township

  3. Zoey Selack says:


    Saw my splintered reflection,
    At a tender four rotations,
    What a fractured rejection,
    Of my own earth’s relations.

    Spent summers seeking redemption,
    In a clover field of lies,
    But simply found exemption,
    From the sour lips of the wise.

    There’s no luck in a caustic mind,
    No blessing for a stricken heart,
    Hapless souls will fall behind,
    And doomed lives thus fall apart.

    No charm no trinket no talisman,
    No four leaf clover, no rabbit’s foot,
    No amulet is safer than,
    Sound earth holding underfoot.

    Walk round ladders, past black cats,
    Salt behind you, knock on wood,
    Cross your fingers, flee from bats,
    Do the things you know you should.

    But what will sprout besides your fear,
    What luck is brought from habits old?
    Hoping hardship will disappear,
    And Midas’ touch will then unfold?

    Zoey Selack
    Newberry Township

  4. Paul Gustav Spohn says:

    I AM Lucky
    I am lucky to know a keyboard
    Where my fingers press into sentences the letters that I type
    That my mind can read the words
    And add the symbols
    And that my heart beats throughout the night
    I am lucky to know that outward expression
    Of joy when I see my sons
    I am lucky to know a feeling most tender from the woman that I love
    And lucky are they to know the world
    Through eyes that have seen such truth
    I am lucky indeed to be engaged in life rather than being forever aloof
    It is a paradox what luck really is
    In the face of failures and resistance to change
    There is a price you pay with little forgiveness or time to rearrange
    That which is ultimately His
    I am lucky to know both sides of this word
    That double edge sword that is life sometimes seeming so absurd
    Where my fingers press into sentences the letters that I type
    In poem for a moment from a feeling,
    For knowing wrong from right
    I am lucky.
    By Paul Gustav Spohn – March 4th 2014 7:09PM

  5. Paul D Simmons says:

    From Paul D Simmons, Manchester Borough

    These extra moments

    That could have been me.
    The thought flashed
    through my mind
    when the cars crashed.
    There in front of me
    One car spinning in
    sad rotation
    One car off the road
    nudging a tree
    An accident
    feels like It happens
    in slow motion
    they say.
    But it was over
    in a flash
    Metal on metal.
    Broken glass
    and bits of panel
    in a twisted array.
    Stunned and bruised
    bloodied and battered
    Vacant eyes
    Dazed, abused
    Someone calling 911
    On their cell phone
    and snapping a photo too
    Media matters
    That could have been me
    What a mess
    Just lucky I guess
    Walked off
    and left my wallet
    on the table.
    So, while cursing
    my forgetfulness.
    Back inside.
    these extra moments
    will make me late.
    I should be thanking
    my good fortune,
    that little twist of fate.
    Luck was on my side
    This time.

  6. Karen Snyder says:

    The Luck of A Leprechaun

    Have you ever seen a Leprechaun who wasn’t green?
    Did you ever wonder how they live without being seen?
    A Leprechaun is a little man-I’ve been told.
    If you catch him, he’ll give you a pot of gold.

    I really can’t believe it is true…
    a little man that lives without a clue.
    He lives in the forest footloose and free.
    He tries to make a fool of you and me.

    Someday I’ll find one of these little fellows.
    We’ll greet each other with cheery hellos.
    He’ll ask me if I did a good deed.
    Then he’ll give me all the happiness and luck I’ll ever need.

    Karen Snyder
    York Township

  7. Thorne McFarlane says:

    The fool aims to preserve his life and loses it in the process –
    Wastes opportunities and never looks back to see what he tosses…

    What is Fool’s Gold?

    Thee who have slain in the name of eternal gain –
    Ye of little shame,
    Know that you have slain in vain.

    Tell a fool, not to worry about tomorrows transgressions.
    The sun will never rise after today’s aggressions…

    Even though you win the prize.
    You may triumph in the fight.

    The gold is of miniscule size,
    And happiness won’t be in sight….

    A fool takes a chance and meets with Opportunity every season.
    Looks Opportunity in the face, but doesn’t register what he’s seeing.
    Opportunity comes often to fools, but it’s fleeting…

    Therefore Fools Gold is shiny – attracting fools of all class;
    Seeming vibrant above all else – fools can’t let it pass.

    Often it’s the things –
    That are most vibrant which prove to be the most violent.

    Often it’s the things –
    That are most vivid which prove to be the most insipid.
    Even animals recognize the colorful dangers as venomous and wicked…

    Therefore Fools Gold is divine –
    Fools can only imagine of what is not of this planet.
    They want a touch of glory and can’t stand it – in fact they demand it!

    Fools believe gold and coin are the rarest riches…
    They fail to recognize that money and jewels are always within inches.

    To recognize a triumph of the beauty of human nature is true glory,
    It can’t be bought or sold and sometimes it can last a lifetime.
    The opportunity is always there – there’s always a right time.

    Day or night – it won’t disappear.
    Human nature provides a treasure oh so rare.

    If we as humans cannot recognize so,
    Ask the divine.
    We’re the fools, they say, if we can’t make use of our time.

    Searching for Fools Gold is easy…

    But finding the answer to human nature –
    That is like trying to find a grain of rice among sands.
    Like trying to hold the ocean in the palm of your hands.

    Searching for human treasure is indeed difficult to unopened eyes.
    For opened eyes it’s as easy as holding someone’s hand.

    The fool aims to preserve his life and loses it in the process –
    Wastes opportunities and never looks back to see what he tosses.

    A fool takes a chance and meets with Opportunity every season.
    Looks Opportunity in the face, but doesn’t register what he’s seeing.
    Opportunity comes often to fools, but it’s fleeting…

    “Fools Gold”
    Thorne McFarlane
    Manchester Twp

  8. Luck can cut four ways and has two faces
    It is a flat rectangular symbol
    Folded nicely into open spaces
    Colored by desire to be paid in full

    Luck is born with blue blood stained purity
    It matures until it is etched in gold
    Traded for the sake of prosperity
    Luck is exchanged for the luck that is sold

    Blood stains turn red and fade with tears and sweat
    Until it turns pink and bids you farewell
    Luck is found in the black and white regret
    Of hope for increasing the luck we sell

    Reduced to numbers of limited chance
    We hold onto luck until it is lost
    We gamble with luck in hopes of romance
    Luck is in the tickets that we have bought

    Kristopher Ivie
    Hellam Township

  9. Asahel Church says:

    You are dead to me and I ask no more
    Your capriciousness bitterness’ black ore
    The sickening cud of coveting things
    A harvest of self the grains’ heavy store.

    I used to love you as my own body
    As if I deserved no want and plenty
    I played the table reckless with joy
    Unchastened hero, golden boy.

    This is the end, this is the beginning.
    This is the start of my endings ending.
    Sobered and humbled, fitful surrendering
    Born to be used by the maker’s making.

    Asa Church
    York City

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