#Readapoem: My progress at the halfway point

Read a poem out loud to someone! Photo by Flickr user caribbeanfreephoto.

Read a poem out loud to someone! Photo by Flickr user caribbeanfreephoto.

So it’s April 15. Have you filed your taxes?


But have you read 15 poems out loud yet in April?

Here’s my #readapoem list so far:

4/1 “Forgiveness,” by Molly Peacock

4/2 “Rhythm Method,” by Yusef Komunyakaa

4/3 “31,” by James Franco

4/4 “On Jung’s Metaphysical Hope,” by J.D. Peterson

4/5 “Reality TV,” by J.D. Peterson

4/6 “Some Pink in Your Color,” by Amy King

4/7 “Poem Capitalism,” by Ana Bozicevic

4/8 “The Day Lady Gaga Died,” by Ana Bozicevic

4/9 “Blessings from a Solar Mother,” by Rich Hemmings (local poet)

4/10 “Breath Catching,” by Keith S. Wilson

4/11 “Poem for the Breasts,” by Sharon Olds

4/12 “Stag’s Leap,” by Sharon Olds

4/13 “How to Kill a Hog,” by Rebecca Gayle Howell

4/14 “How to Build a Root Cellar,” by Rebecca Gayle Howell

Share your lists in the comments!

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York Daily Record multiplatform journalist. Degrees in creative writing from Lycoming College and Spalding University, and a coupla books with my name on them. Central PA native who came home after floating around for a while, but always grounded by words and the places and people I remember.
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2 Responses to #Readapoem: My progress at the halfway point

  1. amywatkins says:

    I’ve missed a few days, but I’m hanging in there.

    4/1 – “Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand
    4/2 – “A Dream of Foxes” and “Telling Our Stories” by Lucille Clifton
    4/3 – “At the Smithville Methodist Church” by Stephen Dunn
    4/4 – “The Orange” by Campbell McGrath
    4/5 – “Past Bedtime” by Lesley Wheeler
    4/7 – “The Man in the Marmalade Hat Arrives” by Nancy Willard
    4/8 – “Chance Meeting” by Susan Browne
    4/11 – “Twilight in Delhi” by Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, trans. R. Parthasarathy and “I thank you God” by E. E. Cummings
    4/13 – 2 poems from Katie Manning’s chapbook I Awake in My Womb (I forget the titles and I gave my copy of the book to my sister)

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