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Versify seeks to publish poems from residents of York County, Pa., and the surrounding region. Beginners and those who write verse as a hobby are just as welcome to submit as the published pros.

We’ll announce a prompt or theme at the beginning of each month and request your responses in verse. Writers can submit and immediately self-publish their entry directly to the blog as a comment on that month’s contest post. During any given month, the contest post is the first post at the top of the homepage, www.yorkblog.com/versify.

At the end of the month, we’ll pick a winner, interview the author and run the poem and interview in a separate blog post and in print in the Living section of the YDR.

When submitting, please include your township of residence. With apologies, snail mail and emailed submissions cannot be considered. 

Email sfleegal@ydr.com with questions.


15 Responses to Poem of the month

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  2. Sharon T Royston says:

    Ode to the Tree
    Becoming a Christian is easy and free
    Jesus died on that Cross for you and for me.
    He rose from that grave for all to see
    If we BELIEVE, we’ll live with Him for an eternity
    By Sharon T

    • Sarah Chain says:

      Hi Sharon — thanks for your submission! We’re asking, though, that they all be entered through the form found on this post to be considered for the contest. Let me know if you run into trouble!

  3. Sharon T Royston says:

    I’ve never heard of this before. I hope and pray you select my poem with all honor and glory to God

  4. kristyn Zerbe says:

    The overpowering light
    Of your towering country
    creates a mennacing shadow
    over mecca.

    Why do you give my land
    to the other man?
    Why shed your guns
    over mecca?

    I train to die.
    Without pain I will fly
    Into your building.
    Foe mecca.

    Evil light will shine
    from my memmorial
    and it creates a familiar shadow
    over mecca.

    I am evil like America.
    America is evil like me.
    Now only shame remains
    For mecca.

  5. Richard Nye says:

    Another day has finally come
    Yesterday is gone again
    Where is tomorrow?

  6. christine freeze says:

    A new angel was born today
    She came into the world in the usual way
    Out of her mother’s womb and onto her chest she lay
    Anna has finally arrived and is here to stay
    We were patiently waiting for her each day
    It was hard to keep our emotions at bay
    There was even a baby pool to see when she’d come
    Even the pounds and ounces were written down for some
    We finally received a call
    We were pacing up and down the hall
    Were mom and baby OK
    Ten fingers and toes and healthy, hurray
    Daddy was beaming with joy and pride
    Grandma and I couldn’t wait to take the ride
    Up to Connecticut to see her face to face
    We’d get to hold her and deliver flowers in a vase
    Grandma would get to hold her for the first time
    Aunt Chrissy will smile and read her rhyme
    Vinny will flick his tail and watch over the scene
    He’ll stand watch his eyes ever so keen
    Vinny and baby will share the bed
    Meow, I love you Anna, he said
    Grandma and Aunt Chrissy will go on a buying spree
    We’ll buy so much they’ll give us one for free
    In the packages will be bib’s and toys and hair accessories oh my
    Sue and Matt will say this will not fly
    We’re already out of room for the baby’s things
    So go return those tiaras and toe rings
    We say we understand and go back to the store
    Hurry hurry out the door
    Our visit is great but Aunt Chrissy has to go
    Grandma will stay and rock Anna to and fro
    She’ll be there for two weeks for help and advice
    A set of extra hands will be nice
    We know Grandpa is watching from up above and he’ll say
    A new angel was born today

    Christine Freeze, West Manchester Township

    This poem dedicated to my niece
    Anna -born Jan. 18. 4:15 a.m. 8lbs 4 ounces. 21and a half inches

  7. Matthew Jackson says:

    Islamorada © Matthew Jackson 2014

    I was a city stiff with wanderlust
    Who forsook chrome, cream and the upper crust.
    Wanting to simplify, take off the edge,
    I pilgrimmed down to the southern ledge.

    Here, monkey suits and stress mothball each day.
    Resume’s not worth a café con leche.
    ‘Midst turquoise waters and salmon sunsets,
    Surliness lips away. My soul rests…

    In Islamorada,
    My tabula rasa.
    I found myself out of nada
    In Islamorada.

    On a sun drenched day at pelicans’ dock,
    We giggled at their swooping beaks and squawks.
    We cast smiles…You lured me in to chat.
    Our talks crest forward, never surf back…

    In Islamorada,
    My tabula rasa.
    I caught love when I found ‘ya
    In Islamorada.

    I learn: you lost yours. You learn: I lost mine.
    More coincidences surface in time
    In a paradise of mangroves and limes
    For two martyrs of love who realize:
    Two boats without a harbor is a crime…

    In Islamorada,
    Our tabula rasa.
    We caught love out of nada
    In Islammorada.

    Anchors of regret can conspire to grate.
    To the rescue swim the Keys and karma’s fate.
    We buoy each other at the Gulf’s gate,
    Then slip on through the Florida Straits…

    In Islamorada,
    Our tabula rasa.
    We caught love out of nada
    In Islamorada.

    Now, you’re my captain, and I’m your first mate.
    You’re my captain; I’m your first mate…

    In Islamorada
    Our tabula rasa.
    Love moors now that I found ‘ya
    In Islamorada.
    Love moors now that I found ‘ya
    In Islamorada.

  8. Christine Freeze says:


    I know it hasn’t been very long since you’ve been gone, but I still miss you
    I know you are watching over all of us and missing us too
    I’ve cherished every moment we had together even the last ones in your hospital bed
    I sat and rubbed your arm for hours and Mom held your hand and patted your head
    I go to visit your grave and to talk with you
    It’s very peaceful with a tree and birds flying overhead, but I still miss you
    I sit here crying while I write my poem down
    It’s late at night so there is little sound
    I think of you often when I see different things
    A hawk soaring in the sky, a couple holding hands, or when the church choir sings
    A sunset with a beautiful hue, but I still miss you
    Sometimes I realize that hours and days have passed by
    Some days are easier to get through and others I have to try
    My family, friends, and pets help me to get through, but as always, I still miss you

    I live in West Manchester Township

    This poem was written after my father passed away on Aug. 23, 2013

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  10. Paul D Simmons says:

    3000 miles

    My Bella Loretta
    Here we are
    3000 miles apart
    Too far to reach out
    To touch your hand
    And so I hope
    I touch your heart
    Keep these words close
    As I will with yours
    And this love
    Closer still

    These days spent apart
    Will not weaken
    This heart
    And the long nights
    That seem endless
    Lead us to another day
    Another day closer
    To us,

    The words we share
    Are not just dry ink on paper
    They are the notes
    The music of our feelings
    As we dance
    On different shores
    But as close
    As dancing partners
    Held in each others arms.

    Until we meet
    My love is with you

    The title is 3000 miles. I live in Manchester Borough

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  13. Linda Amos says:

    ” Brook, You Dog! ”

    I loved you since you were but an infant
    In your Mother’s loving arms.
    We met before you could speak…
    Which was a good thing,
    Because once you grew old
    Your words and actions
    Broke my heart.

    Brook, you dog,
    I would have laid down my life for you,
    Once, I would have stolen you away
    And married you, hoping to have you
    By my side, ’til Eternity.
    Instead, Brook, you dog,
    You broke my heart time-and-time again.

    Now, Brook, I have a dog,
    And he treats me like the lady I am
    And loves me devotedly…
    So much so it is he I kiss goodnight
    And he who sleeps in my bed beside me.

    Brook, you no good dog!

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