YDR/MediaOnePa staff out there everywhere engaging with our readers

Yes, about that pizza!

Seems that wherever you go around York County, someone from 1891 Loucks Road is there. The same seems true of the Evening Sun in Hanover, celebrating its 100th birthday in 2015.

So here’s out and about with YDR/MediaOnePa/Evening Sun people. Feel free to like, comment or share. (Mobile users should click on dates if photos do not appear) … .

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YDR staffers use new video to focus on trauma journalism challenges

When I read a blog post from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma about a new video called “Getting it Right: Ethical Reporting on Traumatized People,” the words of Roger Membrey, an Australian man whose daughter had been murdered, hit me squarely:

“Look, we are not a commodity. Our daughter is not a commodity and her murder is not a commodity. These are real-life situations and trauma and we just feel we should be talked to by journalists in a way that is a discussion that is not going to impinge on our right to grieve.”

Out of his family’s pain comes powerful insight for every journalist who writes about a traumatic event or interviews a trauma survivor.

The YDR has a long history of working hard to respect survivors who want to tell their stories, and those who don’t. Our relationship with the Dart Center has deepened our knowledge of and commitment to best practices in coverage of trauma and conflict. In the past week, staffers have covered a murder-suicide in Springettsbury Township, a murder in Wrightsville, the death of an on-duty fire policeman, and the suicide of a man in Hopewell Township.

This week, reporters and editors who are often involved in such coverage watched the 20-minute video (you can see it below) and then discussed what resonated with, and what challenged, how we handle these most difficult assignments.

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Recap: YDR High School Journalism Workshop welcomes students into the newsroom

Thursday, high school students from around the county participated in the York Daily Record/Sunday News High School Journalism Workshop. See tweets and photos from their day in the feed below.

See a photo slideshow from the day here.
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Search databases for vaccination rates, teacher salaries and more at YDR Data Center

The Daily Record/Sunday News often uses databases and spreadsheets in its reporting — including a recent story on vaccination rates — and collects other databases in which you can find your own stories (or just explore to satisfy your curiosity), such as teacher salaries.

There is plenty more to discover at our Data Center page, which is dedicated to this stuff.

Some of what you’ll find:

Let us know if there are other datasets you’d like to see posted on the site, or if you find a potentially interesting story when you’re digging around in a database.

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Judging the Pulitzers

buffy2011I was super excited Monday when Pulitzer Administrator Mike Pride announced the 2015 winners. Why? Because I served as a juror in the local reporting category. It was an honor to be asked to serve on a jury for the second year in a row. Last year, I judged the feature writing category.

I’m happy to say that one of my top choices received this year’s award. It went to  Rob Kuznia, Rebecca Kimitch and Frank Suraci of the Daily Breeze in Torrance, Calif.  Their work uncovered widespread corruption in a school district that served one of the poorest communities in Los Angeles County. Through their dogged reporting and tenacity, they dug deep and what they found was jaw-dropping. They discovered the superintendent had:

  • amassed $663,000 in compensation
  • taken out a district-funded $750,000 whole life insurance policy without board approval and then had the board approve it retroactively
  • steered lucrative contracts to political allies
  • managed to get a contracted work year of 215 days, 30 days shorter than other superintendents, which meant he was paid overtime for “extra” time he worked. Additionally, he claimed he had worked every legal holiday and had never taken a vacation day throughout his tenure, resulting in even more pay. Investigators found that was highly unlikely.

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Scenes from around York and Hanover – and the York Daily Record and Evening Sun


Kim Bartenslager of Dillsburg joined other participants in the York Daily Record/WGAL town hall meeting earlier this month. The YDR’s co-sponsorship of the evening goes back about a dozen years. YDR Jason Plotkin captured this scene – and those new YDR/FlipSidePA banners in the background.

Staff members of the York Daily Record/Sunday News – and our sister newsroom at the Evening Sun in Hanover – are seen on the other side of the lens.

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What is No Sweat, York?


Community members gather for a free pilates class as part of No Sweat in the Park at the York Daily Record/Sunday News in West Manchester Township. No Sweat York offers a free fitness class each Tuesday beginning May through the summer. (File)

Looking for a place to commisserate with fellow runners? Need a healthy recipe to make for an upcoming gathering? Hoping to get involved in a regular workout program, but don’t know where to find them?


Alysia Dickens with Lifestyles Fitness & Weight Loss Studio leads a No Sweat in the Park boot camp class outside of the York Daily Record/Sunday News building in West Manchester Township. (File)

Search no longer! No Sweat, York is the blog for you! The YDR started this health and fitness initiative to bring a realistic and communal approach to getting in the habit of a healthier lifestyle for York Countians.

The blog offers recipes, columns from our resident runner Kate Penn and commentary on being healthy – both mentally and physically – as well as fit.

No-sweat-logoc (1)

York Daily Record/Sunday News

This summer, No Sweat, York will bring back No Sweat in the Park, a workout program offered each Tuesday from 6-7 p.m., May through September, and hosted on the YDR lawn at 1891 Loucks Road in West Manchester Township. May’s classes will include yoga and kickboxing, with different workouts to follow as the summer goes on.

To learn more about No Sweat in the Park, and to get better acquainted with No Sweat, York, visit the blog here, and follow us on Twitter, @NoSweatYork.

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York Daily Record staff trains hard to prepare for when the lights are bright

In peer-support training March 12 at the YDR, Digital First Media journalists broke into small groups led by seminar presenters to discuss questions and ideas about peer-support conversations they might have with colleagues. Fifteen DFM journalists attended the training.

Former heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier is famous for saying that when you cheat on your roadwork in the dark of morning, you’re “going to get found out” when the lights are bright.

That goes for life in a newsroom as well.

The York Daily Record/Sunday works hard at its roadwork. Here’s a 4-point glimpse about how we get going early to acquaint new journalists with the YDR “way.” Continue reading “York Daily Record staff trains hard to prepare for when the lights are bright” »

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York Daily Record/Sunday News investigations and special projects

Ongoing investigations and projects

Fixing York

The City of York, its schools and its community face significant challenges, but plenty of residents have the ideas and commitment to improve the city’s future. The Fixing York project, launched in March 2015, takes a look at the problems and also those solutions.

Election and administration of Gov. Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf, a native of York County, defeated incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in November 2014. Wolf became the second York County native to hold the state’s executive position. The Daily Record/Sunday News tracked the 2014 gubernatorial campaign and continues to track Wolf’s record as governor.

Governor Wolf Tracker

Latest Wolf stories

Fact checking the campaign:

Highlights of past projects

Dangerous dams

Pennsylvania has more than 3,000 low-head dams, which experts describe as perfect drowning machines. The best way to eliminate the danger of these obsolete mill dams is to remove them. Pennsylvania has been a national leader in dam removal, but there is a simple way to make these dams safer and help fish migrate upstream: Rock ramps that convert dams into rapids.

Carrying Darisabel

Two-year-old Darisabel Baez was beaten to death in York in 2008. In her final moments, men and women tried to ease her pain, and later they sought justice. This Emmy-winning documentary  tells the story of the emergency responders — real-life heroes — who opened up about how the murder affected them.

Watch “Carrying Darisabel”

School shooting PTSD

Nine years after a student killed the principal and took his own life at Red Lion Area Junior High School, the trauma still affected some of those hundreds of people who witnessed the shooting in the cafeteria. Through interviews with those still struggling who were willing to tell their story, and other former students, staff, police and trauma experts, Finding Their Way Out took a deep look at how the effects of the 2003 shooting were still felt.

Municipal audits

Cities, townships and boroughs are supposed to keep track of finances, but not all of them do it regularly. The process might be tedious, but residents can help hold them accountable.

Track your tax money: How can you keep an eye on your town’s financial books?

Eye on finances: Ongoing coverage of North York

Oil trains

Multiple trains per week carrying Bakken crude travel through York, Lancaster and Lebanon counties, including one line along the Susquehanna River. The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency said it posted the information online and sent it to each county. But that information hasn’t reached all county and local emergency responders in south central Pennsylvania, according to this York Daily Record investigation.


Of the 25.8 million Americans who have diabetes, 90 to 95 percent have Type 2, the form that’s strongly linked to obesity and physical inactivity. By 2050, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 Americans will be afflicted. The disease has become rampant, although it’s largely preventable and manageable by eating healthy and exercising. A four-part series by the York Daily Record/Sunday News delved into the lives of those with diabetes to explore why the disease has become so difficult to prevent and control, its massive costs and what it will take to eradicate.

River of Mud

174 million tons of sediment are mucking up the Conowingo dam’s reservoir and spilling into the Chesapeake Bay. How did it get there, and how can it be removed?

Read the articles from this series. 

Witman case

Zach Witman was convicted of the 1998 murder of his younger brother at their southern York County home. In 2010, the then-27-year-old continued to say he didn’t kill Gregory. Witman’s parents said evidence not heard at trial could help clear Zach if a court granted him a new trial. “Take a second look” presented the Witmans’ evidence and reviewed the case from both sides.

Obesity in York County

Fat Battleground: Obesity in York County, a seven-part series, examines how we got so big, why the food we need to live can consume us, who bears the cost of our size and whether it’s realistic to think we can shed weight and get healthier.

Drunken driving

Despite education, rehabilitation, law enforcement and the judicial system, drunken drivers are on the road and doing damage. On average, a first-time DUI offender has driven several dozen times before being arrested. Can new efforts make this a “winnable war,” or will human nature mean some people will always drive drunk?

Read “Over the Limit” DUI in York County.”

Angel Food Ministries

A York Daily Record investigation found that Angel Food Ministries Inc., a charity that sold discount groceries in thousands of communities, including several in York County, paid nearly $2.5 million in compensation in one year to the Georgia family that founded and operated the organization.

Nuclear emergencies

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Come out and tell YDR editors what’s on your mind on April 13 at Heritage Hills


The York Daily Record and WGAL 8 will host a town meeting on April 13 where York County residents can express their opinions and thoughts about community issues.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Heritage Hills Resort in the Augusta/Belfry/Colonial Room.

Jim McClure, Mike Argento and Scott Fisher will represent the York Daily Record while Ron Martin, John Humphries, Dan O’Donnell, Elizabeth Montijo and Laura Warner will represent WGAL.

The town meeting is free and informal. 

This is a chance for readers and residents to pass along information of interest to them and their community that might not have been passed along to the newspaper yet.

Many of those ideas then come back into the newsroom for possible future stories.

We love this opportunity to talk to talk to readers, so mark your calendar and stop by.

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