Unfair cartoon?

A reader writes about the editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy published on the Dec. 2 YDR opinion page (shown above):

Dear YDR Folks,

About Friday’s cartoon:  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a nonviolent movement.  Yet this cartoon shows them committing an absurd act of violence.  Is this a truthful representation?

The Occupy Wall Street protestors have been the victims of violence, not the perpetrators.  Is it not enough for them to suffer terrible police violence in order to express their inalienable rights to protest and then have you turn around and insult the courage of their non-violent convictions?

Lastly, all of those issues that they are supposedly against are also totally foundationless and absurd.

You have a responsibility to do better than this.

Thoughts? Was it over the line? Unfair? Inaccurate?

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2 Responses to Unfair cartoon?

  1. Judith Frazier says:

    Over the line? Unfair? Inaccurate? You betcha, all 3! Looks like the underinformed Fox Infotainment kids got hold of the crayons.

    OCCUPY is about ending corporate control of our government.
    The violation of First Amendment rights that OCCUPYers have been subjected TO is a clear indicator of how overdue and necessary a people’s movement IS. Our rights and lives have been undermined for the indulgence of a lawless, overprivileged aristocracy. Our supposed representatives in Congress don’t represent US; they represent the interests promoted by the corporate lobbyists who are allowed to buy their votes.
    Wall Street has amassed wealth by CHEATING the taxpayers. For this, the American people demand justice. We are the 99%, and we will be heard!

    • Scott Fisher says:

      Judith, thank you for those thoughts. While I don’t personally agree with the cartoonist’s perspective, I think he presented a valid paradigm flip in his piece – and thus was worthy of publication. We strive to run cartoons from the left, the right and middle.

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