The man behind the York Daily Record’s look and feel

ThisĀ  prototype is the current look, or design, of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ front page. Several tweaks aside, it follows the same design plan as that overseen by Lou Silverstein of the New York Times in the early 1990s.

Lou Silverstein was the longtime art director and assistant managing editor of the New York Times.

Acting as a consultant, Silverstein, who died last week, also provided the York Daily Record’s basic design in 1993. The York Sunday News then took up that look in 2004.

We brought in Lou to shape our design because of our regard for what his work at the Times.

YDR/YSN Assistant Managing Editor Brad Jennings now oversees that design. In fact, he’s engaged in tweaking our look to work with a 44-inch web that will go in place later this month.

So, it’s accurate to say that the guy who gave the New York Times its world-class look also providedĀ  – alongside skilled designers in our newsroom – the hands and mind that shaped the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

As Managing Editor Randy Parker said in an email to a former Daily Record colleague:”Lou’s design-DNA still courses through the blood of the YDR, to be sure.”

For more about Lou Silverstein, see the New York Times obituary: Louis Silverstein, Who Gave a Bolder and Airier Look to The Times, Dies at 92.


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