High school band day at PSU, 1967

As I was thinking and talking about Joe Paterno’s death this week, I remembered my first Penn State football game, High School Band Day in 1967. I’m one of the dots at the top of the ‘U’ in this photo taken at halftime.

The Nittany Lions lost to UCLA, 17-15, that day, Oct. 7, but they went on to win 30 straight, putting the team and Coach Paterno in the national spotlight.

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  1. Brad says:

    Wow. Check out the undisturbed fields in the distance, the open-ended stadium, the track around the field. Very cool.

  2. Bill Landes says:

    The year was 1966, Rip Engle was the coach and York Suburban is bottom left S. Gary Beban quartered for UCLA.

  3. Bill Landes says:

    Teresa: I’m so wrong—–onset dementia I guess—–Suburban was there for Band Day PSU v UCLA in 1965, Rip Engle’s last year. I still loved your photo, memories.

  4. Ed Tyrrell says:

    What a shame that the almighty dollar had to end such a wonderful tradition. What a sight on a clear fall day, with blue sky, white clouds, Mount Nittany in the background, and the colorful sights and sounds of 5000 high school band members playing at half-time. Where else, but at Penn State!

  5. Chris Nicholson says:

    I can recall my first Band Day trip to Penn State. It was in 1954, we had a HS Football game the night before at home in Waynesboro. We started out at 5:00 A.M. to make sure we got to the stadium on time for practice. In those days the stadium was behind Rec Hall. After that first Band Day I looked forward to a couple more in the new stadium. Rip Engle, who then was the football coach had coached at Waynesboro HS for a number of years. After my days in HS I was fortunate enough to come along with the Indian Band as a chaperone. To bad they don’t have Band Day any more it was a great experience.

    I also recall after practicing our half time routine, there would be a parade through State College.

    Chris Nicholson, WAHS Class of 1957

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