Dating coaches? CPAs? Reporter Lauren Boyer discusses weekly live chats

At 10 a.m. each Friday, I’ve been holding live chats with different business professionals.

Anything from the White Rose Matchmaker to a local CPA firm.

I’m trying to gauge what works.

I’m also trying to figure out ways to use a live-blogging program called Cover It Live.

(Save this link to join this week’s “Storage Wars” inspired live chat with a local self storage business.)

A few weeks ago, I talked to Mandy Jenkins, digital projects editor at Digital First Media, about what I’ve learned.

You can read about it here on her blog, Zombie Journalism.

And, if you have a suggestion for a future live chat, feel free to contact me by email at, on Twitter at @laurenboyer or the old-fashioned way at 717-654-0675.



About Lauren Boyer

I'm a Business Reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. I cover banking, investing and all sorts of manufacturing, from companies like Harley-Davidson to mom-and-pop operations. I don't go anywhere without my iPad or a large cup of coffee. Contact me with story ideas at 717-771-2062 or
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One Response to Dating coaches? CPAs? Reporter Lauren Boyer discusses weekly live chats

  1. dennis carrington says:

    hi Lauren,
    I wonder if you’d do a story about guys like me who are of a certain age,
    and find it difficult making ends meet? The reason for the hard times
    is the economy of course but also, too many applicants for too few
    There is a bill in the State Legislature (1539?)to help folks on unemployment,
    receive on the job training, but what about the guys not collecting?
    Anyhow, call me next week if you think it might stir some interest.
    Dennis Carrington

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