Could this be the final design for Mobile Media Lab in York?

Here they are, the latest design plans for the Mobile Media Lab. These reflect conversations we had at a critique session on Wednesday and we think they will stand. Still open for your thoughts, though.

And notice the various areas designated for sponsors. We have a couple of meetings set up for next week with companies that are interested in supporting this project. There are still plenty more sponsorship opportunities available. Let me know if you are interested and we’ll set up a meeting to explain in more detail.

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3 Responses to Could this be the final design for Mobile Media Lab in York?

  1. Barry Ness says:

    Will the passenger side window be covered??? Might not meet “inspection regs”. Just to point out that issue. So, how’s the available power vs the power needed coming along??? Power/cable retractors for Ipads/Iphone,etc.??


  2. Hi, Barry,
    I’m the artist who has been working on the design of the mobile media lab and I wanted to address your concern about the passenger window being covered. We definitely will make sure that the design meets driving regulations. So thanks for the input and for following along. I’m very excited for the Mobile Media lab to hit the streets in the near future.

    • Barry Ness says:

      Thanks for getting back to me…sorry I didn’t answer this a quickly. Got sidetracked with the hot weather and other stuff. Us old guys have that issue. :-)) Hope you had a chance to look at all my suggestions…mostly to make the project easier for everyone who works with the vehicle. Easy set-up/take down, power requirements for equipment, easy to mantain and approachable by public are the keys to this beiing a asset to YDR.

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