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I’ve worked with many journalists over the years, but not many who have kept their passion, appreciation and humility the way GameTimePA reporter Steve Navaroli has. His impact on the high school sports world, specifically swimming, a sport which doesn’t see a whole lot of coverage, is incredible.

I’ve seen him at swim meets where he is greeted with respect and admiration. Steve’s usual response to these coaches, officials, athletes and parents is nothing short of remarkable. He is humble, humorous and professional.

So it should not have come as much of a surprise when these same people who Steve has covered over the years would reach out to him in his time of need when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Two particular students, Emily Schmittle and Will Massey, swimmers at York Suburban high school, began selling T-shirts with the words “Navaroli Nation” on it. They were hoping to raise money to help Steve with his medical bills and keep up his spirits.

I put together this video to help them reach their goal, help Steve, and hope that people realize what kind of impact a journalist can have on a community.

Keep fighting, Steve. I’m a member of the nation. We all are.

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  1. Dick and Marnie Guyer says:

    ‘Great job on the video, Jason. I am very proud to be a part of it. I’m also extremely proud of Will and Emily for taking the initiative to help Steve…I always have known that YS swimmers are outstanding young people in and o
    out of the pool!

    Dick Guyer

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