York Daily Record front page for Wednesday, Jan. 30

Highlights from Wednesday’s paper

Crews inspect the Norman Wood Bridge
Defense: Court didn’t tell ex-boyfriend to stay away before murder
Corbett alcohol privatization plan said to include wine, liquor and beer
Steelers fan has reason to root for Ravens

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One Response to York Daily Record front page for Wednesday, Jan. 30

  1. Barry Ness says:

    So, any further update as to the “sabotage” charge from the Sec. of L & I about those phoning into Labor & Indusrty to apply or update info for “unempoylement benefits”???????? Seems the Gov. Corbett wants to launch a investigation from State Police???? What’s the story….old equipment (phone system, etc), old programs (no updates), loss of key personal (too costly and not experienced enough?)?????

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