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  1. Mike Balash says:

    I am looking for story on Frank Bodani interview w/Joe Paterno with reference to Wayne B. Wolfkeil. I am a friend of Wayne’s sister and she had heard of the story but cannot find. Could you please help me? Thank you.
    –Mike Balash

  2. Sarah Chain says:

    Hi Mike,

    I believe the column you’re looking for is here. If that’s not it, let me know and I can take another look.


  3. Christopher Carr says:

    I noticed earlier this year that Springfield Bowling center in Springfield (South of Loganville on Old Trail) had closed. Someone told me they closed last year. This came as a sock considering I bowled there years ago. What happened, is there an article on it, and is there a buyer for the Center?

    • Christopher, thanks for writing. I can’t find a story about what happened to the bowling center, but I asked around and one of our staffers said she drove by it recently, and it was empty with a for-sale sign up. So, we know about what you know at this point. I’m going to forward your note to our business staff and they’ll see if they can do an update.

  4. Frederica A. Mundis says:

    Come On!

    First of all Christmas lights up and lite already! I can see it if you have a
    member of the family in the service. The leave being before and short!
    Also, if families are scattered all over the USA and can only get together
    Next, Thanksgiving beginning shopping in the evening! Does anyone regard
    the meaning of Thanksgiving?
    The Pilgrims were the first missionaries here in the USA! It wasn’t as nice as
    we were told in school! There was alot behind it. You should read the 3 books
    by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. The 3 books are history from a
    Christian perspective.
    Do you think maybe God arrange Thanksgiving to happen before Christmas
    for us to give Thanks with our family and friends?
    You know there is a truth that my mother taught me–If you can’t get it
    done the other days you don’t do it on a precious holiday!
    Many hymns, songs came from the Bible about give Thanks!
    People Should not have to work on holidays—they were made holidays
    for a reason!
    Maybe starting with our leaders of this country should get back to the days
    of our forefathers leading the country. Get back to Abraham Lincoln–
    Honest Abe! Our forefathers held the Bible in the greatest esteem!
    Please Please stop this rediculous shopping on a holiday!
    The people that have to work it miss out on the gathering with family!
    Even if you open at 8 pm some can’t have it till later (till others travel from
    I can tell you this the good Lord isn’t as Happy with America as he was 10
    yrs. or so ago!
    We better turn this around and start looking to him more!

    Frederica A. Mundis

  5. SR says:

    Is there a way that I can find all the divorce’s that were started/filed for an entire month rather than by the day? Is there an archive that I can look in for the past 3-4 months? Thanks

    • Kate Harmon says:

      While each listing has a date, it applies to the Sunday paper in which the weekly list ran. You should be able to find the past month there in 3-4 entries.

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