Which property tax reform bill do you like better? Take our poll.

The York 912 Patriots will hold a town hall meeting on property tax reform at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 2000 Loucks Road in West Manchester Township, the organization announced in a news release.

The local tea party group will examine and compare two tax reform bills being considered by state lawmakers: House Bill 2230, proposed by state Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township, and House Bill 1776, proposed by state Rep. Jim Cox, R-Berks County.

If you’re not familiar with the two bills, you can read a breakdown I wrote last month on key parts of each proposal. Or continue after the jump.

In a nut shell, Cox’s bill would eventually eliminate property taxes for schools by shifting to higher statewide sales and personal income taxes. His plan wouldn’t change the system for county or municipal property taxes.

Grove’s bill, on the other hand, does address property taxes for counties, municipalities and schools.

But the impact would vary because his bill gives control to local voters and governing bodies.  They could opt to reduce or replace property taxes with local earned income, personal income or sales tax increases.

The town hall meeting is free and open to the public. For more information visit www.york912patriots.com.


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10 Responses to Which property tax reform bill do you like better? Take our poll.

  1. Clifford Pickens says:

    Hp 1776 is a much better bill. If it does nnot make it Pa. will loose a lot of people and small businesses

  2. Linda says:

    If we don’t get property taxes eliminated in the next couple years there will be no private home ownership, there will only be corporations and government that will own land. Over time many more people will lose their homes because of not being able to pay the property taxes. Only the very rich will own homes. MOre and more people every year are losing their homes because of this property tax. HB 1776 I believe is the better bill.

  3. GABE says:


  4. Wayne says:

    House Bill 1776 is the only way to permanently to fix the high school property issue. It shifts the burden of funding schools from property owners to EVERYONE! Homeowners are overwhelmed paying $400, 500 ,$600 a month or more just for school tax. DO NOT be Fooled by HB 2230! It will NOT fix the problem! It’s called an election year gimmick! Nothing more! Don’t be fooled they (our grand state legislators) want to be able to say Look what we did for you!! If HB 2230 passes we get screwed again.
    SUPPORT House Bill 1776! The TRUE School property elimination!

  5. Kathy says:

    People need to know that Saylor says he supports this bill, however, his opinion changes with the tides.

    We need to do something before we all lose our homes.

  6. Gizz Davis says:


    Every governing body will increase taxes every chance they get -– especially local school boards!

    Honorable State Legislative Members:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of dealing with outrageous property taxes for our schools!

    In this election year, we are at the perfect time to finally resolve this monstrous burden on those of us who have spent our entire lives carrying the burden of unfair school taxation.

    It is a given that, as long as our state legislators continue with their half-measures of tax reform, your constituents will continue to suffer unpardonable tax increases each year.

    Since many of you want to retain your positions, please consider voting only for HB 1776. This is absolutely the only bill that will satisfy most of the residents of Pennsylvania. Anything else is just a political shell game designed to make your constituents think that you are serving in their best interests in yet another election year.


    Claude W. “Gizz” Davis. Jr.

  7. Camille Becker says:

    I’m not at all surprised that h.b.1776 would get the most votes, its the only one that makes the most sense.now get it done!

  8. Joseph Schnetzka says:

    1776 is the only bill that eliminates the real estate tax. With the suggested increase in the sales tax and the proposed income tax everyone will help pay for the schools because everyone benefits regardless of the number of children they have or had in the public school system. I am tired of the political games. I will watch each legislator and the ones who do not get behind 1776 will see that my advise to my 1300 senior clients will be to vote them out of office no matter what other good they have done. It is now critical to have this reform!!!!

  9. Ken says:

    Property/school taxes must be strictly controlled whether the current tax system remains or whether we have reform, overspending, too many individual school districts (need consolidation), unjustified costs of activities, swimming pools, luxury school buildings and unrealistic contracts with teachers among just plain wasting money. Beside tax reform we the citizens need to change our mindsets about education and demand constructive change while seeking to remove the teachers unions.

  10. Johnny Ed says:

    Property taxes are levied ONLY by local governments. So, why is it supposed to be a state-level problem? Run for school board, along with and get 3 of your like-minded friends, if you don’t like property taxes.

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