Why Seth Grove won’t be attending tonight’s town hall meeting on property tax reform

Lee Ann Burkholder, communications director for the York 912 Patriots, said state Rep. Seth Grove, R- Dover Township, was invited to tonight’s meeting on property tax reform but declined to come.

In a phone interview, he told me why.

“I think it’s obvious that they have no interest in having open discussion,” Grove said. “…They’re interested in power and their own agenda, rather than working to better the commonwealth.”

Burkholder saw things differently.

“It seems that representative Grove is only interested in meeting with constituents who view him favorably. … Not that we don’t view him favorably, but he is not willing to face somebody who will take him to task,” she said.

Grove criticized the organization’s leadership, but he said he wished “their membership the best. I think there are a lot of great people in there that are looking to do good.”

At the meeting tonight, the local tea party group will examine and compare two property tax reform bills being considered by state lawmakers: House Bill 2230, proposed by Grove; and House Bill 1776, proposed by state Rep. Jim Cox, R-Berks County.

Grove said he and Cox recently appeared together at an event in Lancaster County to discuss property tax reform.

Burkholder said members of the York 912 Patriots wanted to have Cox at the event tonight.

“But you can’t invite a rep from another area without permission from the rep that lives in your area. So because Seth wouldn’t come, we couldn’t  have Jim Cox,” Burkholder said.

She said that invitation process is protocol for representatives in the state House.

The York 912 Patriots event will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 2000 Loucks Road in West Manchester Township.

I’ll be tweeting from it.


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One Response to Why Seth Grove won’t be attending tonight’s town hall meeting on property tax reform

  1. Vernon Butcher says:

    I am a member of the York 912 Patriots and did attend our meeting on Thursday June 7th. I have lived in PA for almost 25 years. When trying to find information on political issues and the politions running for office so that I can vote with inteligence neither the York Daily Record nor the Hanover Evening Sun nor WGAL keeps a record on the above items. The ONLY place I’ve discovered the path to current issues on State and local issues has been to attend all of our meetings and keep handouts and my own notes. I am not on the leadership team however totaly disagree with Mr. Seth Grove. If our elected officials worked for us and not themselves perhaps a little honesty would infuse their thinking. What we want is the truth. I was looking forward to a real debate on HB 2230 & HB1776. Seth chose not to attend so what we got was a little one sided.

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