What Kevin Schreiber said about gun control

Kevin Schreiber is the potential Democratic nominee to replace state Rep. Eugene DePasquale, D-West Manchester Township.

Here’s what he said about gun control during Tuesday night’s forum:

“The conversation has shifted to gun control, but we mustn’t forget the tragic events that did occur and the victims  and the victims’ families.

“If we’re talking about the ban of assault weapons or high-magazine clips, that really becomes much more of a federal issue. As we know illegal guns can cross municipal lines, they can cross state lines.”

He said local government entities can  focus on providing support for those with mental health issues.


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One Response to What Kevin Schreiber said about gun control

  1. Manuel Gomez says:

    I’m afraid I’m losing respect for director Schreiber as this process moves along. His campaign rhetoric is not matching his actions. He’s masking his true stance on guns in an attempt to salvage political expediency; along with hiding the actions he’s already taken during his tenure as economic and community development director to undermine the second amendment in York.

    Director Schreiber has instituted de facto lifetime bans on gun stores in the city of York via deed restrictions placed on hundreds of properties administered through the city of York’s Redevelopment Authority. The deed restrictions run with the land.

    Sound far-fetched? Watch video of director Schreiber announcing the gun store ban, calling them ‘socially undesirable’ – http://yorklp.org/schreiber-95th

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