York County Bar Association poll favors Michael Flannelly over Todd Platts

The York County Bar Association released poll results for the York County judicial race.

In the poll, 82.08 percent of respondents said Michael Flannelly is highly qualified to be judge, while 77.19 percent said Todd Platts is not presently qualified for the position.

The full release, after the jump:






[York, PA – May 2, 2013] The York County Bar Association recently conducted a poll of its members regarding the candidates running for the one judicial vacancy on the Court of Common Pleas in York. The 520 members of the York County Bar Association were given an opportunity to evaluate all candidates, with the evaluation of prospective candidates directed primarily to professional qualifications, i.e. competence, judicial temperament and integrity.


The judicial evaluation poll is a long standing activity of our Association.  The poll was undertaken as a public service and not for the purpose of endorsing any specific candidate or any political party. It is not a popularity poll. The results are offered as a resource to the public in determining which candidates would be the best choice at this time for York County.


Professional competence encompasses such qualities as intellectual capacity; judgment; legal writing and analytical ability; industry; knowledge of the law; scholarship and academic talent; professional contributions; professional experience, including such areas as years in practice, trial experience, work with administrative agencies and arbitration boards, law school teaching; public service; and a person’s health (physical and mental) or age.


Temperament encompasses such qualities as compassion; decisiveness; open-mindedness; sensitivity; courtesy; patience; freedom from bias and commitment to justice.


Integrity encompasses the candidate’s character and general reputation in the legal community and the general community.


Attorneys were asked to render “No Opinion” if their knowledge of a particular candidate was not sufficient to provide insight into the person’s judicial qualifications.


The Bar Association and its members keenly recognize the unique role of judicial officers in our community. For those persons who become involved in the legal system, whether in a civil, domestic or criminal matter, nothing matters more than the opportunity for a full hearing before a fair, impartial and thoughtful judge.  The reputation our court system and its judges enjoy for the fair administration of justice and law contributes to the personal safety and well-being of the public and provides certainty, stability and clarity to our commercial relationships.  We welcome the interest and attention the media has shown in the upcoming elections for these critical positions.


The final results of the 320 surveys returned, a 62% response rate, were tabulated on April 26, 2013.

The results of the survey are as follows:




based upon competence, integrity and temperament, the candidate exhibits preeminence in the law by way of outstanding legal ability and a wide range of experience, stands at the top with respect to integrity and temperament, exhibits outstanding citizenship by way of community and professional contributions, and is one of the best available candidates



based on competence, integrity and temperament, the candidate would be able to perform satisfactorily as a judge


based on competence, integrity and temperament, the candidate is inadequate to perform satisfactorily as judge at this time.


knowledge of candidate is not sufficient to provide insight into the person’s judicial qualifications

Flannelly, Michael W.










Platts, Todd R.













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