Who are the York County write-in winners?

York County’s elections and voter registration department released write-in winners Thursday morning.

In Fairview Township, write-in candidate John Jones defeated Scott E. Hockenberry for a six-year term as a township supervisor. Hockenberry is the former police chief for Fairview Township.

“It’s impressive,” said Nikki Suchanic, the county’s director of elections and voter registration.

She said it’s difficult for a write-in candidate to run a successful campaign against someone on the ballot. When they do, “it’s always noteworthy,” she said.

Suchanic said the results will be certified on Nov. 25, the same day that ties will be decided by pulling numbers out of an old Utz can.

If anybody objects to the election results, they have to file an objection with the York County Court of Common Pleas by Nov. 25.

When counting write-in votes, Suchanic said they go by a voter’s intent.

“So write-in votes do not have to be perfectly spelled,” Suchanic said.

For Jones, Suchanic said the majority of votes included his first and last name. But she said votes with just his last name were counted.

We’ve got a full list and live updates.

Here’s a searchable list:

Online Database by Caspio

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And here is our live coverage:

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