Carroll Township man says York County commissioners are ‘jumping the gun’ on replacing the emergency radio system

The founder of a two-way radio and public safety communications business told York County commissioners that they were “jumping the gun” on replacing their emergency radio system.

Mike Corcoran of Carroll Township urged commissioners to cancel the largest contract for an upgrade to the current system. Corcoran, who said he was there as a concerned taxpayer, said other counties are waiting to react to new federal regulations.

York County commissioners said after the meeting that they are planning to set up a meeting with Eric Bistline, executive director of the York County Emergency Services Department, to discuss the issue.

President Commissioner Steve Chronister, who has had doubts since the December votes, said he’d like to reach a decision on whether or not to move forward within the next month or so.

York County commissioners in December approved about $25 million worth of contracts to modify and upgrade the system, about five years after local police switched over to it. The total project is expected to cost about $27 million.

What else happened at the meeting?

Commissioners welcomed back Michael Flannelly, who served as a judge on the York County Court of Common Pleas but lost an election for a 10-year term to former U.S. Rep. Todd Platts.

They also postponed demolition of a farmstead on Native Lands County Park.

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2 Responses to Carroll Township man says York County commissioners are ‘jumping the gun’ on replacing the emergency radio system

  1. First Responder says:

    I’m just an end user who has been on the air for over three decades, but I totally agree with the gentleman from Carroll Twp.

    We have one of the most robust digital radio systems in the nation. It was “overbuilt” meaning that there is capacity for decades to come. The 500 MHz waves and tower saturation gives coverage in the deepest crevices of this County plus allows transmission by portable from Havre de Grace to Blue Mountain and the Clark’s Ferry Bridge to Mt. Airy.

    You don’t get coverage and distance like that on 700 MHz, The lower the frequency, the stronger the wave.

    It’s the same principle as the jackhole with the souped up car stereo jarring you awake at night–it’s the thump-thump-thump of the bass that you hear from a mile away, not the scream of the guitars.

    Think of 500 MHz as bass and 700 MHz as treble.

    We would be very foolish to migrate the radio into something inferior unless we absolutely, postively, no-alternatives had to.

  2. james Holmes says:

    Sounds like another hurry up job by Bistline and finally the County Commissioners possibly are going to wake up. First of all the project is all but handed to Harris Radio the firm that supplied the present system. How can this be basically handed to them without bids? The answer I guess the taxpayer will get its maintenance and upgrade. Come on give me a break. When is someone going to get smart enough to look into what’s going on at the 911 Center especially with the New World Cad system purchase and the Harris Radio system. Makes a fellow wonder who is getting their pockets greased.

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