Republican Kelly Henshaw plans to run for state House again

Kelly Henshaw, who was defeated by state Rep. Stan Saylor, R-Windsor Township, in the 2012 primary, plans to announce on Thursday his candidacy for another run.

The release describes Henshaw as a “conservative Republican who will fight for limited government, lower taxes, and less government regulation.”

Full release, after the jump:

WHAT:    On January 16, 2014, Kelly Henshaw will announce his candidacy for the 94th State Legislative District. At the press conference, Kelly will make a formal announcement statement, to be followed by questions from the press. The press conference will also be attended by members of the Kelly Key Leader team, all of whom will make themselves available for questions from the press.

WHO:  Kelly Henshaw, candidate for the Pennsylvania State Legislature from the 94th District.

WHEN:    January 16, 2014


WHERE:   Bethany House

131 West Broadway

Red Lion, PA 17356

(Parking available in rear and side)

WHY:  Kelly Henshaw is a conservative Republican who will fight for limited government, lower taxes, and less government regulation. Once in office, Kelly is committed to being a “citizen legislator,” pledging to fight for government reforms that will:

  • Eliminate lavish taxpayer-funded pension and benefits that now pad the pockets of so many politicians who stay in Harrisburg and become career politicians.
  • Restrict taxpayer-funded newsletters and public service announcements that seek only to re-elect politicians at the cost of the taxpayer.
  • Refuse to accept one dime in pay raises or automatic annual cost of living adjustments legislators continually vote themselves.
  • Help establish strict term limits that will keep career politicians from insulating and isolating themselves from the people they are elected to serve.

Two years ago, in his first run for state political office, Kelly lost by barely 1,000 votes to an entrenched 20-year career politician who has consistently voted for higher taxes and bigger government. Kelly Henshaw says his philosophy of government can be summed up in the following:

“Ronald Reagan said, ‘A man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts.’ My opponent has spent 20 long years expanding government. I intend to help turn the tide back towards liberty for all.”



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6 Responses to Republican Kelly Henshaw plans to run for state House again

  1. Barry Ness says:

    Let’s see…limit to 5 terms for him?? He’s 58 yrs.old, 10 yrs as Rep….mmmm. Nice Retirement with his age/term limit…ya think? Oh and what about those other packages from Boro, etc???? Not sure if your a T-bagger, 912’er, or a follower of Rand Paul. Not sure why I-83 was built under Eisenhower but it seems all the businsss of York County didn’t build that thing so they have a way to transport those goods/services.

    Mmm, Prez Regan raised our taxes 17 times in his 2 terms. So ya better pick another model…sir.

    • Barry to answer some of your concerns- I have pledged in writing not to accept a state pension or other benefits that some do take. It is unconstitutional. Article 2 section 8 of the state constitution states that only salary and mileage shall be paid no other compensation. Red Lion Borough Council People get paid $1,100.00 per year and no other benefits during or after terms.

    • Jim Fitzgerald says:

      I do not understand why you need to be disruptive and make disgusting comments. What is your goal with that??

  2. Barry Ness says:

    Mr. Henshaw, no matter how many pledges, written or otherwise, in regards to your pay/pension, etc. will be made as per rules/regs. of your compensation from the Commonwealth/Boro, sir.

    Not sure what committee you wish to be a back-bencher on, but it won’t be Budget, Transportation or anything of this nature. The voters are looking for leaders with “new” ideas…not stale old ones or using the tactics of “blaming someone else” for current or long term problems in this Commonwealth.

    I’ve followed many of the local pols over the last 45 yrs. and there are only a handful that were really successful. You need more than “protecting my liberties” to get elected, sir. It’s that simple.

  3. Jim Fitzgerald says:

    I don’t know. Kelly seems like a great guy to me. I think he would protect the little guy. Stan stabbed me in the back too many times, especially with higher gas taxes in the middle of a recession.

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