Who donated to Scott Wagner’s state Senate campaign?

Republican Scott Wagner, who is running for the state Senate, announced earlier this month that his campaign raised more than $267,700 from Oct. 1 through the end of 2013.

Now you can see who donated to his campaign. Here is the campaign finance report he filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State.


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5 Responses to Who donated to Scott Wagner’s state Senate campaign?

  1. George says:

    My name will be on the list the next time. Anything to defeat these scumbags, Miller, Wilson and the gang.

  2. InItToWinIt says:

    I’ll be campaigning for him!

  3. Andy says:

    Finally , someone running for office who isn’t doing it for a career or the money. The Repub’s in H burg aren’t happy with Scott because he won’t bow down to them.

    Go get em Scott. You have a lot of grassroots support from Republicans like me who have had enough of career politicians like Miller.

    • Susan Phillips says:

      If Wagner were really such a stand-up guy, he wouldn’t be swamping voters’ mailboxes with deceptive mailers, some of which go out of their way to make it sound as if Wagner is an “independent” opposed to Corbett’s agenda — even though Wagner donated heavily to Corbett’s cause and has been one of Corbett’s supporters, and is in fact being put forward by Conservative Republicans. Look around you: Wagner may be local but his campaign reflects Global$$$Men trying to buy themselves our State Senator. Don’t fall for it, neighbors. Keep the PACS out of our local politics. Don’t write in the stealth candidate with the well-financed deceptions.

  4. Russell says:

    You go to Wagner’s campaign contributions and you see a list of people from York Pennsylvania. You go to Miller’s campaign contributions and you see PAC this, PAC that, and a labyrinth of campaign organizations. Now I’m all for negotiation and trying to find the best way forward for all citizens, but we haven’t had that really, have we?. Lord knows I’ve got no use for the Tea Party, but I have to think that the folks over at Kinsley Construction (for example) have a brain. I don’t think this is a Tea Party thing (because that would entail all sorts of out-of-state money), I don’t think its that simple.

    There really is an inexcusable amount of misery around this town, I’ve never EVER been in a situation before where I honestly could not find a job, so I guess the other option is to start up my own business, though that will be scarily on a shoe-string and a prayer.

    The best that could happen is that Wagner will shake up the status quo, and that he will be no lap dog to ALEC or other special interests.

    It’s funny, the first thing that I noticed about this race was the bizarre charge by Miller that Wagner didn’t support our former congressman for Judge (and all sorts of insinuations about why that was exactly). I didn’t support our former congressman either. I had painstakingly researched those and other local races before voting and came to the conclusion that the other guy had more experience and competence so I voted for him. This bears further investigation, I might just be voting for Wagner.

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