Tom Wolf releases tax return information

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf on Thursday released tax return information for four years. For 2012, his total income was more than $2.2 million.

Wolf, a York County businessman, is running in the primary against U.S. Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, state Treasurer Rob McCord, and former state environmental protection secretary Katie McGinty.

Schwartz and McGinty released their tax returns earlier this week.

Here’s more info from  Wolf’s campaign:

Tom Wolf is committed to openness and transparency. He has shared private information about his company including the company’s profits and transaction history and he has shared personal financial information. As part of his commitment to openness and transparency, Tom Wolf is releasing four years of tax information that will be available for review on Thursday in Harrisburg.
Below is a key summary of what is contained in the tax returns.
Wages: $341,566
Ordinary Dividends: $11,354
Total Income: $1,390,152
Total Taxes Paid: $313,297
Tom filed for an extension in 2013
Wages: $280,721
Ordinary Dividends: $1,533,873
Total Income: $2,228,832
Total Tax (Line 61): $263,480
Charitable Donations: $408,977 (Not accounting for carryover)
Examples of Charitable Donations:
York School District, Crispus Attucks Association, Inc., Cultural Alliance of York County, Inc.
Wages:  $271,601
Ordinary Dividends: $354,434
Total Income: $1,020,057
Total Tax (Line 61): $71,818
Charitable Donations: $548,777 (Not accounting for carryover)
Examples of Charitable Donations
Children’s Home of York, PA Institute for Conservation Education, York City Little League
Wages:  $271,970
Ordinary Dividends: $215,818
Total Income: $1,468,996
Total Tax (Line 60): $107,824
Charitable Donations: $248,851 (Not accounting for carryover)
Examples of Charitable Donations
Planned Parenthood of Central PA, Inc., York County Community Foundation, Centro Hispano Jose Hernandez
Statement From Tom:
In order to restore trust in government, we must restore transparency. Throughout this campaign, I’ve always felt it is important to be transparent. That’s why I have shared information about my privately held business, transaction history, company profits, personal loan information, and now four years of tax information.
Throughout my life, I have invested in things that matter to me – whether it was our local little league, my business, or this campaign. I have made significant charitable contributions to organizations throughout Pennsylvania including the York School district and others.
While I believe it is important to share this information, we need to continue to talk about the bigger issues facing Pennsylvania including: How are we going to fix our schools? How are we going to create jobs? How are we going to make Pennsylvania an economic dynamo? How are we going to restore confidence in our government? Those are the issues I have taken on throughout my campaign. I have released the most comprehensive policy plan, my Fresh Start policy plan. I will continue to lead the charge for openness and transparency. I will improve the campaign finance system and require more and better disclosure. I will make government data available to the public in a way that engages Pennsylvanians and increases transparency.
Pennsylvania needs a different kind of leader who will fight for openness and transparency in government and change the culture of Harrisburg.


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