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Musical parking spots

Last night, I knew that taking my normal route home from work (Roosevelt Avenue to Market Street) would be a bad idea. I assumed George Street wouldn’t be any better. So instead, I drove out Route 30 and took Sherman … Continue reading

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Raining on the parade

Looks like it’s going to rain on Bike Night’s parade tonight. But the festivities will go on! Everyone might just get a little soggy enjoying them. Last year, I left the office around 6 p.m. and somehow forgot that it … Continue reading

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Parrot spotting

Twice in recent days, I’ve seen a woman walking down city streets carrying a parrot. (I should be honest. I’m pretty sure it’s a parrot. But I’m not exactly a bird expert.) The first time, the bird was perched on … Continue reading

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Same street, different speed limits

Drive down Carlisle Avenue heading out of the city by the fairgrounds, and you’ll notice that the speed limit is 25 mph. Now, drive the other way heading toward the city, and the speed limit is 35 mph. Does that … Continue reading

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Parking problems

Things I can’t master: I do a lot of things well. I’m a natural at freeze tag. I’m decent on the keyboard. I can make a mean cupcake. All those things pale in comparison to the one thing I just can’t seem … Continue reading

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Another Roosevelt update

One more Roosevelt Avenue update. When I drove to work this morning, traffic controllers were on the corner of Roosevelt at Philadelphia Street. I drove right past it and took Carlisle Avenue in to avoid it, though that takes a … Continue reading

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Causing a stink

Before my first post on the City Limits blog, I must give a disclaimer: My husband and I have a dog. She’s a beagle, and she only barks when our doorbell is rung. That being said, we walk Lucy about … Continue reading

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More on ducks

I’m not the only one spotting ducks in the city. On Tuesday night, Charlotte Bergdoll told the York City Council there are two ducks and two roosters living at a city residence near a property she owns. She asked if … Continue reading

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Recycling mess

Is it too much to ask that people put their trash in trash cans? I made the (admittedly stupid) mistake of forgetting to retrieve my recycling bin from the sidewalk before I headed to work Tuesday. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday

I was excited to hear that Martin Library is planning to open on Sundays from Sept. 21 to Dec. 21. Library officials told the newspaper that use has gone up in the past few years, so they’re going to give … Continue reading

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