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Keep warm

My apartment has radiator heat. It is plenty warm, but I am still learning the quirks of the system. First of all, I spent a while wondering why my neighbors were clanking on the pipes. Then I realized that’s what … Continue reading

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Books and coffee

So, I was pretty sad to hear that the coffee shop at Martin Library will be leaving. I think my exact reaction was “but where will I get coffee??” That Sparky and Clark’s was pretty darn convenient, what with it … Continue reading

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ANA on the web

Today I needed to find some information about a particular neighborhood association, so I went to the city’s Web site. But when I clicked on the page for neighborhood associations there, I found something new. The Alliance of Neighborhood Associations … Continue reading

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Gone before I tried it

Eating here was on my to-do list. I should have gone sooner. There is a large sign at YaYa’s Restaurant, 887 E. Market St. put up late this week. There’s been a smaller sign on the door for a while, … Continue reading

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In praise of thrift stores

I was browsing Rescue Mission’s thrift store downtown today and found this on a rack of local vintage furs. The one in the picture is marked as being from Andes Furs. The downtown York fur shop closed in 1993, according … Continue reading

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Talking trash

I left my apartment early today, before the trash was picked up from the curb. But I have my fingers crossed that all of the trash will be taken today. See, last week, someone put a LOT of trash out … Continue reading

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Season for singing

I hear the Avenues neighborhood is planning to serenade everyone with carols again this year. Those participating will stroll the neighborhood with battery-operated candles for about one hour, starting a little after 6 p.m. on Saturday (unless the weather is … Continue reading

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Neighborhood pride

(New flag on a light post on the first block of North Queen.) I noticed new neighborhood flags on my block this weekend. Not sure when they went up, but it was a welcome addition. I am still learning all … Continue reading

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Fixed glass

(This is the damage. The missing windshield is covered with plastic because, of course, it had to rain.) The car is fixed. All told, it cost $747 to repair the damage done by whoever decided to smash my back windshield … Continue reading

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Going to see the Magic

I’ve never been to Rocky Ridge County Park to see the Christmas lights, and I’ve decided that this is the year to fix that. Next week (Dec. 14-20) is city week, so city residents get a discount. I’m recruiting some … Continue reading

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