From the Franklin Files…

FranklinLogo.jpgYork resident and frequent council commenter Franklin Williams continued his public plea for logic Tuesday night taking a jab at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
Williams noted that York’s Helen Thackston Charter School closes one lane of East Philadelphia Street on weekday afternoons at 3:15 p.m. for student pickup. That’s understandable, but why not warn people in advance with a sign, he asked.
Williams said he inquired about a sign with school officials and was told Philadelphia Street was a state road. Thus it required a traffic study for a sign, he said.
“I think PennDOT is the people who want to sit in lawn chairs and watch an apple tree for several weeks to make sure apples do in fact hit the ground when they fall,” Williams said. “It blows my mind sometimes the abysmal stupidity of these people, and that it requires a traffic study. It should require notice that we need to do this, and they should be able to understand.”

That thought led Williams to share his take on York’s failed bid to
acquire funding necessary to make East Market Street
“I think a good source of funding would probably
be trial lawyers and the automobile repair shops because they are
certainly going to get a lot more business if this project is carried
through,” he said.
And lastly, there was Williams’ pledge.
weeks from today at the next meeting, I’m going to solve the city’s
financial problems,” he said. “So please be in attendance and bring

I’m there.

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