York sign updated, back at road’s edge

Recently, this is what York’s “Keystone Marker” along East Prospect Street looked like. Photo courtesy of David Rudolph.

York’s public works department, signing on.

That was the word this week from city supervisor Dave Rudolph, who said that old cast-iron “Keystone Marker” — recently taken down by a city crew — has been replaced along East Prospect Street.

And what a difference a few days makes.

You’ll recall from that previous story that city crews went looking for this old marker, after the mayor’s office got a call that it was languishing at the side of the road, and could use some sprucing up.

Well, after some care from a city crew, that large marker is again looking as good as new, and nearly 100 years after it was first planted it’s back along the side of the road in York.

Rudolph offered a few more pics of the process.

City crews have spent time recently fixing the old Keystone Marker that sits along East Prospect Street. Photo courtesy of David Rudolph.


This shot shows the finished product, after city crews were done with the old sign. Photo courtesy of David Rudolph.


And, the sign is back, thanks to city crews. Photo courtesy of David Rudolph.

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