York releases tentative revitalization zone map

The city is pushing forward with its plan to apply for state aid in job creation through the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone Program, also known as CRIZ.

At Tuesday’s night’s City Council meeting, Shilvosky Buffaloe, acting director of Economic and Community Development, said the city is asking area developers to submit potential projects to help make York’s application more competitive.

CRIZ would provide incentives for new development by redirecting state and eligible local taxes back to businesses. Those businesses would then be able to use that money to pay down debt incurred during construction. It’s modeled after a similar economic development plan in Allentown.

The designation allows for the creation of a zone up to 130 acres. Companies that locate new jobs in that zone are eligible for the incentives.

State officials, along with Mayor Kim Bracey, have been overwhelming supportive of the CRIZ program, but at Wednesday’s Council meeting, some residents said they were concerned about accountability and a lack of guidelines to stipulate minority inclusion.

The Economic Development Department has released a tentative map of the revitalization zone. Buffaloe said the map is subject to change as the city completes its application, which must be submitted by Nov. 30. The current draft includes nearly 145 acres.

As part of York’s application, City Council must create an authority to oversee the program. Council will hold a public hearing on the authority at 6 p.m. Nov. 25 at City Hall. Members will vote on whether to approve the authority directly after the hearing.

This map shows tentative areas of designation for the City Revitalization and Improvement Program.

This map shows tentative areas of designation for the City Revitalization and Improvement Program.







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  1. Mark Foreman says:

    Very small portion of City.

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