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New Year’s in York, and a positive start

It was my first New Year’s Eve in York and and I’ll readily admit I didn’t get to stay downtown as long as I would have liked. Still, in the time it took me to talk to a few people … Continue reading

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Where do the crowds go when the bars let out?

The York Veterans Political Association isn’t a club that you just happen upon. It’s one of those places that you have to seek out. It sits just yards off Route 30 West, but the squat building is hidden by Royer’s … Continue reading

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How the York bars saved New Year’s Eve

Three York bars are planning ‘First Pint’ in place of the New Year’s Eve ‘First Night.’

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What was it about Momo’s?

A late-night customer at Round The Clock Diner on Route 30 said he comes to the diner to get away from it all. He was from Harrisburg, he said, and this was a place he could get some work done. … Continue reading

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York: the littlest big town

I went to last Saturday’s “Go Green in the City” on a whim. I felt tired, sick and my allergies were acting up. I finally decided to get out of the house because maybe a bit of sunshine would do … Continue reading

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True Life: I’m a Townie

My college experience took me away for four years but since graduating in August, I’ve been back in my hometown of York. When I first returned, I  constantly complained that my friends were either still away at school or had … Continue reading

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Night creatures return for some York City trash

I think I know why the city critters are hanging around my fire escape. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Bradley, an ugly little opossum that likes to scare me at night when I try to put my recyclables … Continue reading

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Livin’ Just Enough, Just Enough, For the City

I moved into my apartment downtown 19 days ago and though I’ve been a York native all my life, I’ve found city living is a bit different than life in the ‘burbs. For one thing, it’s a lot louder. When … Continue reading

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York street sweeping ticket too close for comfort

While York City’s first street sweeping of the spring foiled “the Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Century, Bill Landauer,” I managed to escape without that painful $50 ticket — although the encounter was too close for comfort. My boyfriend and … Continue reading

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The city that never sleeps … especially when it sweeps

Curses! York City has foiled the Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Century, Bill Landauer! This time, the local ne’er-do-well thought he could park his subcompact coupette on the left side of East King Street on the third Tuesday of the … Continue reading

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