York’s Martin Library leaves microfilm behind

Martin Library’s renovations have made it a first-rate library.
But in the modernization at the longtime York library, a resource for researchers has been curtailed.

The library no longer has newspaper microfilm and microfilm readers.
No real complaints here given everything else the renovated Martin Library offers, but it’s a point researchers should note.
York County newspaper microfilm in relatively unbroken sequence goes to the advent of the York Gazette in 1815.
The York County Heritage Trust is the only York-area site for researchers to view newspaper microfilm before 1971. (Microfilm at York College’s Library starts at that date.) To view its microfilm collection, the Trust charges a daily rate, unless one has a membership or is a school student.
The Heritage Trust’s 250 E. Market St. archives are open from 9-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. So, researchers will no longer have access to microfilm after hours at Martin.
Of course, the York Daily Record is available at “News Library,” www.ydr.com, dating back to 1992. Searching is free, and the cost per download is $2.
Or search this blog’s archives. As of Feb, 10, 2008, 800 historical entries had been posted.
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One Response to York’s Martin Library leaves microfilm behind

  1. June Lloyd says:

    Newspapers are invaluable for research. They are one of the best, and sometimes the only, contemporary resources to find out what was happening in a community and how the people felt about it at particular times. Besides the nearly complete sequence of the York Gazette mentioned, York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives has hundreds of other films of York area newspapers. The earliest date back to the 1790s for the York Gazette and they continue to the present, with a month or so lag time for filming. (Some of the early papers are in German, the predominate local language of the time.)
    Most of the eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers in the collection have been filmed, but the Trust also has many issues of unfilmed late-nineteenth and early twentieth century newspapers waiting for microfilming funding. They are available for use, but cannot be photocopied because of fragility.
    As Jim mentioned, everyone is welcome at York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives, but there is a $6 daily fee unless you are a member of the Trust or an elementary or secondary student. (The $6 fee includes admission for the day to the Trust’s other museums and historic properties and memberships are always available.)
    June Lloyd

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