Where was the arsenal on Arsenal Road?

Jerry Ambrose wondered recently about why York’s stretch of Route 30 is known as Arsenal Road.
I wasn’t aware of a true arsenal ever being there.
I checked with a local historian, and she confirmed my best thinking.
During World War II, York Safe and Lock, later operated by the U.S. Navy and Blaw-Knox, made Bofors anti-aircraft guns. These guns were widely used on Navy ships. (Part of the Harley-Davidson plant now occupies this building,)
A second explanation might come from the U.S. Army Reserves facility near Route 30.
If anyone can enlighten Jerry — and me — on this, please post.

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  1. Barry says:

    Jim, I thought your historian person would have more info than what you mention. H-D can supply more info about products made prior since they bought the plant from AMF. Under AMF they made “practice bombs”(and H-D for a while)there but I think your looking for all the products under the Navy Ordnance time period and before. I would think they made some artillery timing devises for starters. Maybe some “ship board” machinery (refrig/heating) and maybe they just called this the “arsenal” because of the guns( and those ammo bunkers) made there during WWII.
    From a 1953/54 aerial photo I saw, this road was only a “single” lane out to the Caterpillar tract of land. This was the farm that was purchased for the plant. From the intersection of Sherman to Mount Zion Road it was called Loucks Road/Whiteford Road. Confusing, isn’t it?
    The reason for all this confusion…I don’t know! Maybe Springettsbury Township could help there.

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