And now starring actor … Jakie Devers?

I was checking the Web to write the previous “York Town Square” post about actor John Baer, when a surprise actor’s name popped up: York County’s Jacob Loucks Devers.
He’s better known as Gen. Jacob Loucks Devers, the highest ranking military officer in a long list of county military achievers.
Jakie made his Hollywood debut — and finale, except for an Ed Sullivan appearance — by playing himself in “Flying Fortress.” (Check out IMDB.)
Actually, Devers is just about as little-known in York County… .

You ask many county audiences about Devers, and they vaguely mention World War II, or that it’s the name of a York school.
Some get Devers and Alexander D. Goode mixed up. A York school is also named after Goode, a rabbi and one of the four chaplains to give up his life as their torpedoed military transport ship went down in 1943.
Here’s a suggestion to avoid future confusion about the achievements of these two heroes. Study their Murals of York and burn their images in your mind — Devers and Goode.
And check the TV listings to catch the famous York County actor with four stars on his uniform commanding on the big screen.

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