Jeep prototype has York County WWII roots

The Hercules recovery vehicle made famous by pulling down the statue of Saddam is not the first well-known military icon with York roots.

That Hercules vehicle, “Renegade,” was assembled in West Manchester Township’s BAE plant.

Before World War II, the York-Hoover Body Co. produced a prototype for a military vehicle that could navigate all types of terrain. The company then successfully completed orders for 69 more vehicles.
But, alas, York-Hoover turned down another order for 4,500 sturdy vehicles because it had pledged its resources elsewhere… .

Future work on the Jeep, with the York-made design and minor modifications, went to Willys Co. and the Ford Motor Co.

If you want to know more, visit the Jeep exhibit at the York County Heritage Trust’s Agricultural and Industrial Museum.

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    • Jim McClure says:

      The post didn’t exactly say that. I believe the exhibit features a Jeep, but not a prototype. There’s a description of that exhibit of York’s missed opportunity to secure the Jeep contract, such as is in the post./Jim

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