Can anyone locate this York County, Pa., ballpark?

“This is where the York Tri-State team plays in the summer time,” the writer noted on the front of this postcard. But where was this?
Deb Hummel, a York Daily Record/Sunday News copy editor, found this postcard in Maryland.
It’s the home of the York White Roses, but maybe old-timers would know where it was located. The background buildings suggest it was near the York Fairgrounds.
Here’s the probable answer to this question… .

The stadium resembles a ballpark similar to that shown in a previous post, ‘That’s a stupid choice’. I identified that site as possibly Martin-Parry Field, on West York’s Adams Street, across from the Viking Club.
That’s where the White Roses played in 1940 and the site of choice for large-audience events in 1941, when the painting was published in Life magazine. Notice that the stadium apparently does not have lights for night games in the postcard above.
I also know from a York County Heritage Trust case exhibit that the White Roses played in Eagles Park in the 1930s. That sports venue was White Oak Park’s field, north of York.
Any help out there in identifying, for certain, this home of the White Roses?
*Updated, 3/14/10.

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3 Responses to Can anyone locate this York County, Pa., ballpark?

  1. Deb (Dedrick) Heckman says:

    I remember the York White Rose team playing at the ballpark located close the the York ice skating rink. That would have been in the 60’s(?).

  2. Jim McClure says:

    Deb, That no doubt was Memorial Stadium, later Bob Hoffman Field. It was built after World War II to observe those who served. That stadium was home to the White Roses until the club disbanded in 1969. Memorial Stadium was the site of Brooks Robinson’s professional debut, as told in several previous posts on this blog./Jim

  3. Student of History says:

    I was quite surprised to see that same picture a few days later in a book called “America’s First Fair From Then Until Now” by Dave Gulden about the York Fair.
    The caption below the picture reads “The White Rose Baseball Park was the site of York and Adams County Championship games in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. Agricultural talks were held there in 1911.”
    The paragraph below the picture states “Virtually forgotten until now is the fairgrounds baseball field and grandstand, used for agricultural debate in 1911.”

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