Zimmerman telegram: 7 York County sons served in World War II

Eight sons of John F. Bennett of Hanover served in World War II. A ninth member of the family entered at war’s end.
All came back.
Charles E. Williams of York was one of six brothers in the Henry H. and Geraldine Williams family to serve in World War II. He died in Italy shortly before V-E Day.
Those were the largest number of siblings to serve in World War II that I found in researching my “In the thick of the fight”. …

York Township’s Richard V. Zimmerman brought by a clipping showing his six brothers who served. And Richard was the seventh, making the family of Lewis and Fanny Zimmerman the second largest I’ve found.
Richard pointed out that Donald, as part of the unit that captured the the bridge at Ramagen, crossed the Rhine to establish a perimeter on its east bank. He was wounded twice.
All the Zimmerman sons survived the war.
The article stated that Lewis Zimmerman received a six-star service lapel pin to observe his sons’ service.
Does anyone know other families with more sibling serving in the military in World War II?
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Also of interest:

A newspaper clipping shows six sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Zimmerman who served in the military in World War II. A seventh son, Richard V., later served. The Zimmermans were one of the largest contributors to the estimated 20,000 men and women who served in the military from York County in the war. Background posts: The first in (World) War (II) and Perhaps the last in (World) War (II) ….

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7 Responses to Zimmerman telegram: 7 York County sons served in World War II

  1. Laura Nairne says:

    My grandfathers family had eleven siblings serving in the second world war, nine brothers and their two sisters. I can send you a copy of a newspaper article if you are interested. Most of them served in scottish regiments.

  2. Jim McClure says:

    I’d love to see the clipping. If the family is from York County, that would be a record of known families. Wonder what the world record of number of siblings serving in World War II would be?
    Send copy to: Jim McClure, York Daily Record/Sunday News, 1891 Loucks Road, York, Pa., 17403.

  3. Pericles Manthos says:

    My Dad and his 5 brothers all from Washington DC served overseas in WWII (all volunteers). They all made it back too.

  4. Jolene Fredette says:

    I know someone who had 8 brothers in WWII and they all made it back! I would like to find more information on this. That has to be a record of some sort to recognize them all for.
    Does anyone know?
    Thank You

  5. Jim McClure says:

    Jolene, Notice that this post has reference to a John Bennett family from Hanover area, which had eight brothers serving. I understand members of that family still reside in York County. You might be able to make contact via the Hanover Area Historical Society. http://www.hanoverareahistoricalsociety.org/
    Jim McClure

  6. Joleen says:

    The Beste family from Washington (Krakow) Missouri had 7 sons in WWII: Benny, Al, Rudy, Adolph, Harry, Joe, Jimmy. The local paper, The Washington Missourian, had an series that ran in about the 80’s call “Yesterday’s Hero’s” Recently they sold copies of those articles. Very intersting history. Included deployment info and even letters written to the paper from the local servicemen that were provided free subscriptions.

  7. Anita Chapman says:

    Hi, i believe my grandfather’s family hold the record- as my dad has a certificate from the guiness book of records- for the highest no. of siblings serving in world war 2. They are the Chapman family from Kettering, Northants. There was 10 brothers.Walter, sidney, bert,wilfred,kenneth, dennis, george(my grandad), geoffrey, fred, and maurice.2 were killed- Bert and George. In july this year, my sister and i went to the Moro River Canadian war cemetary in Ortona, Italy, to visit our grandad’s grave.It was an experience that i always want to- and will- remember. Anita.

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