Red Lion’s Ebert Furniture: From bedroom suites to gunstocks

Joan Concilio’s Only in York County blog uncovered a site seeking – and providing – information on Red Lion’s Ebert Furniture Company, longtime manufacturers in York County. In this photo from “Red Lion, the First 100 Years,” (1980) the former Ebert South Franklin Street plant, left, is occupied by Zell Company’s Specialty Woodcraft, producing the Nathan Hale brand. (Click on photo to enlarge.) Background posts: Bank adds murals to York County’s walls and Cigarmaking Red Lion on top of York County.

Blogger Joan Concilio writes about a Web site, THE EBERT FURNITURE FACTORY 1854-1959, that brings together collectors of the Red Lion made furniture.  (Update: That website is no longer operational. Family member Carole Conrad will field queries about Ebert at: Donald Conrad will also answer questions: Also check out this new website: Ebert Furniture Blog.)

According to the Ebert site, the furniture company moved its factory from Philadelphia to Red Lion in 1917… .

Through the 1920s and 1930s, the factory produced bedroom suites, secretaries, dining room sets and cabinets designed in accordance with the tastes of the American consumer,” the history states.
During World War II, Ebert converted its lines and produced gunstocks and other war material.
In 1959, Bethlehem Furniture Company acquired Ebert.

And now the Web site is trying to re-collect pieces the far-flung Ebert brand and put it back into vogue. In so doing, its helping York County to recall a piece of its past.

Here is the complete info from Red Lion’s 1980 history:

“Another Zell Company facility is located in the former Ebert Furniture Factory on South Franklin Street. Formed in 1972, this company is presently producing solid Pine Early American Bedroom Furniture trading under the name ‘Nathan Hale.’ Popular styling and excellent workmanship has created a strong demand for this product. William Zell serves as Chairman of the Board and his son Samuel Zell is the company’s president. 110 persons are employed at this writing.”

Also of interest

Joan Concilio’s blog has other interesting posts on York County as well, including an local Wiki site. Background posts: Blog probes York County’s uniqueness, er, weirdness and How about a little hog maw with your oyster stew?
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37 Responses to Red Lion’s Ebert Furniture: From bedroom suites to gunstocks

  1. Harold ONeil says:

    I have a secretary desk (Ebert Furniture) and was wondering what it is worth. Can someone give me an idea? It’s in good condition. all the hardware is in excellent condition.

  2. JTB says:

    I have a Red Lion dining set, hutch, table and four chairs. It was purchased in 1945ish.
    I was wondering what it is worth.

  3. Coooper says:

    FOR SALE: 9 pc dining room set
    2 Pedestal,mock claw foot, 5′ table w/ extensions
    6 chairs
    Glass front China Cabinet with 1 drawer, 2 doors on lower half
    5’curved front buffet/sideboard with 6 drawers, 2 doors

  4. Jo says:

    Tonight I was looking at a 2 pedestal, mock claw foot, 5′ table with 2 extensions, no chairs
    Glass faront China cabinet with 1 drawer, 2 doors, 5’curved front buffet /sideboard with 6 drawers, 2 doors. Could anyone give me an individual price for each one or as a whole.
    Thank you

  5. Jo says:

    I was looking at a 2 Pedestal, mock claw foot, 5′ oval or rectanlge table (can’t remember)with 2 extensions but no chairs was with it. But it has a glass front china cabinet with 1 drawer, 2 doors on lower half 5′ curved front buffet sideboard with I believe 6 drawers, 2 doors. I was wondering if any one had the individual worth of each piece.
    Thank You

  6. Jennifer says:

    I found a hutch it has RED LION FURNITURE CO.
    DATE 02/04/1920 SERIAL NO 755304 it is oak with handles and two doors on each side have a lock.{Like key holes above the handles}the top has damage where they had a plant.
    And there is a big water mark.

  7. Sonya Childs says:

    I have a Red Lion Secretary bought in Pennsgrove, NJ by my great grandmother. the style says Comp am.wal.secretary and the # that I can read is 2_ _6, do you have any idea of the value? It is in good condition and the glass and everything is org.

  8. Guy Bair says:

    I have a mahogany breakfront with a label on the
    back with the following information.
    Ebert Furniture Co. Red Lion Pa
    #25 Comb Mhg Breakfront
    It is absolutly beautiful. I wish I knew the approximate date of manufacture.

  9. Jim McClure says:

    I respond to your query and give some resources at:
    Hope that helps.

  10. Jim McClure says:

    Here’s my reply to another query on that post:
    Guy, I respond to your query and give some resources at: Hope that helps. Jim

  11. Greg Pitts says:

    David Edward purchased the Furniture Factory
    on the right side of the Photo;
    252 N. Franklin St. in the 1980’s.
    Anyone with research into the building’s
    previous owners is appreciated as we are
    conducting a historical retrospective.
    Greg Pitts
    David Edward Co.

  12. Carole Conrad says:

    I am a descendant of the Eberts who founded and owned the Ebert Furniture Factory. My grandmother was Fred Ebert’s daughter Mildred Ebert.
    We have the info on the Company and the Family. Pls contact me for it.
    It makes us very happy to know people still enjoy the furniture. We have many pieces too.

    • tom says:

      hi, I restore old furniture and I recently bought a secretary desk with the Co. logo on the is missing some pieces that I know I have to make .the question is what to make? do you have any photos of what this piece is supposed to look like? Where can I send my photos to ?

    • Olivia Reynoso says:

      Hello, I recently purchased a matching pair of bedroom end tables with the Red Lion Table Co. logo inside the drawers. I paid $15. for the pair at a yard sale. I did a little online research, but information was limited. I’d like to know more re: the company and the tables. They are modern three-drawer tables with 1/2 handles on the two top drawers. They form a rectangle when the drawers are closed. The larger bottom drawer has one complete rectangle-shaped handle similar to the top drawers. The tables are in good condition, but have been painted.

  13. jerry anderson says:

    I have a china cabnet that is dated 1/13/26. the number on this cabnet is either 991 or 997. a number is carved into the wood and this number is 762.
    If you could, please give me an estimate on what this piece is worth.

  14. James says:

    Hmm, yeah I’d also be interested in knowing how much these are worth.

  15. michelle says:

    did the Ebert’s live in Red Lion and if so
    what street did they live on. which house?

  16. Jim McClure says:

    Michelle, suggest you get a York City Directory, which I believe has breakouts for larger suburban towns, and check that way. They available at the York County Heritage Trust library,

  17. carole conrad says:

    Harold Ebert and his parents lived at 200 Brdwy I think. They had lived over the bank at one time. One Ebert brother lived near by in town and Herman Ebert and his wife Carrie lived further on the outskirts. These Eberts are buried in Red Lion.

  18. Jim McClure says:

    Carole, thanks for clearing that up!
    Jim McClure

  19. paul says:

    I have a antique secretary desk with hutch.The label says comb AM.WAL Sect BY. Dept 60,order#E03638,It is a double glass door and 3 drawer.Any info wold be awesome

  20. John says:

    I have a corner cabinet that says Ebert Furniture co. on a label on the back. I was trying to find out how old it is. It is in excellent condition.

  21. Jim McClure says:

    It looks like the site formerly designated for Ebert queries is no longer in operation. Anyway, Carole Conrad is a descendant and will field calls. Also, try this new site: .

  22. Maryann G says:

    I have an antique bedroom set, solid mahogany,manufactured by Red Lion Furniture Company, Red Lion PA – I would love to know what it’s worth. My parents bought it when they were married in 1950. The set includes a full bed, large dresser with mirror, and gentlemen’s tall dresser.

  23. Susan Gearey says:

    We have a mahogany bedroom set, by Red Lion Furniture Company, Red Lion PA. Our parents bought it when they were married in 1950. The set includes a full bed, 8 drawer dresser with mirror, and 5 drawer tall dresser as well as 2 side tables for the bed. Any one know what these might be worth? Thanks.

  24. Philip Ham says:

    I have a 32 inch (diameter) very heavy plate glass (beveled) mirror with a Red Lion Furniture Tag (Patterson NJ) on the back. The tag also mentions Keystone Outfitters. There is also a 1935 in large lettering (black crayon) on the back. It is backed by what appears to be and oak framework and the mirror itself has very few small chips on the edge.
    I would like a bid on this mirror.

  25. bobbie mangus says:

    I have a Ebert China cabinet with curved glass sides and glass door. It was my grandmothers. I want to paint it but I don’t want to ruin the value even though I don’t plan on selling it. Any suggestions on value or painting it? Thanks bobbie

  26. Danny says:

    STOP. You do not have a priceless antique. Nobody can tell you what your furniture is worth. Your Ebert furniture is worth what used furniture is worth. Check completed auctions at eBay or go to your local auction for general ideas on prices. It’s not a priceless antique. It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Nothing more.

  27. Edward Rebholz says:

    I have an Oak Nathan Hale dining room set that includes a dining room table and 4 chairs, a lighted hutch, and a warming buffet. I’m not sure of the age but it is in excellent condition. This was displayed in the dining room and barely used. There has been a custom table cover on it since day 1.

  28. Sue Shortino says:

    I have a Red Lion bedroom set with a king size headboard, a tall dresser where the top opens and behind it are three drawers, a mirrored dresser where the middle opens to three drawers and four smaller drawers on each side, and two night stands. Is this worth anything? I have pictures of them.

  29. Susan Crawford says:

    I just purchased an Empire style oak bow front china cabinet for my home in New Bern, NC, from a local antiques dealer. I will need to put in some serious elbow grease to clean it, sand in a few spots, and shine it up, but know it will be stunning when I get this work done. My hometown is Glen Rock, PA, so imagine my surprise at turning the piece around and seeing the Ebert Furniture Co. label and Red Lion, Penna. on the back! I was thinking it was a furniture store, but see from these blogs the piece may have been manufactured there too. I know I was meant to have this piece for sure now!

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