Is West York’s Brandon Real the best local running back ever?

West York’s Brandon Real looks for running room against Littlestown this season.The senior holds several YAIAA rushing records. Background posts: York County Tech sports: ‘If they took something like that away it really would destroy the school’ and ‘When people are looking back into Pa. basketball history … it’s great’.

Has West York’s Brandon Real scored the best season ever for a YAIAA running back?
York Daily Record Sean McLernon has posed that question in a Line Up Card blog post.
Here’s a quick look at Real’s stats, according to McLernon and newspaper reports:

Touchdowns, 2008 season: 51.
Career touchdowns: 69 (area record beating Littlestown’s Jeremiah Collins’ 67).
Yards rushing, 2008 season: 2,513 (on 252 carries, bettering Jason Jarvis, New Oxford, 1996, who rushed for 2,200 yards).
Single game high: 407 yards (topping Dallastown’s Chris Moore, 336 in 1998, and Tracy Smith, 317 in 1983).
Sean McLernon asks his readers – and I do the same here: Does anyone want to argue for a better local prep football season than that put forth Brandon Real?
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8 Responses to Is West York’s Brandon Real the best local running back ever?

  1. Brad Senft says:

    The best running back ever in YAIAA? That’s an under-statement! To put up those kind of statistics is astounding!
    Brandon- you have my vote for the “Best Ever Running Back” in the YAIAA.

  2. Your web site is outstanding!
    Here is the url of the blog from the Archives of the Sandusky Library, if you care to take a look:

  3. Bob says:

    Woody Bennett is the best running back in York County history. You can’t compare the stats between AAAA York High and rinky dink WY.

  4. brad says:

    He was a good shifty back. But no back, no matter how good, goes anywhere without a line. He had a good line who knew how to hold and get away with it (Thanks to the horrific York County officiating). He wasn’t that great he was just hard to tackle. I mean he went to bloomsburg which isn’t terrible but if he was that good he would have went D1. He’s like 5’8 and 150lbs. Best of luck with those numbers. He’d better stick to running track.

  5. A Simple Fan says:

    A lot of names will be mentioned. Not that it matters but how often did some of the other running backs play something on defense. Chris Moore at D-town played ILB. I believe Collins from LT played defense sparingly. I am unaware of Jarvis and Smith. If Real would have spent more time on defense instead of being a one way player, would his numbers be the same.

  6. herbert says:

    Before Real’s name even gets mentioned in this sort of debate, let’s see what kind of impact he has at Bloomsburg.

  7. joel says:

    brandon real is the best running back in york county ever.he put up most of those numbers on good schools like central which york high cant beat n dallastown!best running back ever in york county!!!

  8. Sunshine's Fan Club says:

    Brandon Real simply has the mentality of running a football, i’ll give him that much. But to be the “greatest” in the history of west york? no. simply not. only because of the fact that some of the teams west york played in the 2008 season were “ok” schools. also because of the fact that a few of the schools they played that year just started their team that same year that west york went districts. which gave them an easy shot to the title, so that led them to believe that they were great enough to win states. which leads you to believe, that west york would have made it if Brandon Real played the last game they played if he wasn’t injured. that just shows that West York can’t rely on who they have able to play, and not relying on one man to do the job for them all the time everytime. i mean from what i understand you had Blaine Fissel, Nate Jacobs and, Jordan Reinhardt. that should say it all for west york, sorry but Brandon isn’t the greatest.

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