Pioneers Kim Bracey, Chuck Patterson vying for elected office

C. Kim Bracey, York, Pa.’s director of community development, is now a candidate for mayor of the city. A York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer shows her and the view from her office overlooking York’s Continental Square in 2005. Background posts: Thomas Chatman Jr., pioneering police chief: ‘I thank God and the citizens of York for the opportunity to serve them’ and Who were York County’s most influential citizens? – Part I and York’s Wonder Women: The stories of four more movers and shakers.

The names of two “firsts” will be on the primary ballot in York County.
Well, one “first” and a second “first.”
Kim Bracey, candidate for York mayor, is the first black woman to vie for the position. Ray Crenshaw, the first black mayoral candidate, lost to Charlie Robertson in 2001 in the Democratic primary.
In 2005, incumbent John Brenner outgained black candidate Jeffrey Kirkland in the primary to retain his seat.
As for the second “first,” Chuck Patterson is again seeking a local judgeship in 2009. (Update: Both gained election. Chuck Patterson died in 2011.) .. .

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Chuck Patterson of the District Attorney’s Office finishes taping a segment of ‘Forensic Files’ in 2006.
The year 2005 marked the first candidacy of York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Patterson for county judge.
Patterson finished third in the Republican primary and fourth in the Democratic primary, as two judgeships were up for grabs.
This year, Patterson is drawing on experience gained in his first bid.
“I learned what to do, and I learned what not to do,” Patterson told the York Daily Record/Sunday News. “I was a novice.”
These prospective officeholders are among several women and people of color to seek or gain key positions in York County since 1970.
For a list of other pioneering black leaders in York County, click here.

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  1. york investor says:

    In dealing with the permit office in York, I found it was completely out of control. Phone calls not returned, people quitting or getting fired which required the permit process to start over, different answers from different people. I had to go beyond what is required to finish a property because rules are made up as they go. I paid for so many permits, it is crazy. Kim Bracey was in charge of all this and fully aware of all this.

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