York group looking to rehab Civil War-era Penn Street Farmers Market

The Farmers Market at Penn and Market in York sustained damage after a driver ran into it in 1992. Efforts are under way to reinvigorate the markethouse, the oldest of five such markets in York. Background posts: Don’t know much about local market history? and There were 5, count ’em, 5 York markets and York’s Central Market sells steak … and sizzle.

A grass roots group is forming to strengthen the oldest York markethouse, the Penn Street Farmers Market.
To the eye, the markethouse, constructed just after the Civil War, has struggled in recent years.
Among other things, the group is pushing a niche product that was the mainstay of York’s five covered markets since they started cropping up in the last half of the 19th century – fresh food… .

The group has posted an invitation on The Exchange community bulletin board to join the group.
“We are inviting all York Farmers Market fans to join this group and to help preserve the rich history of this vibrant market,” the posting states.
An organizational meeting is promised in March.
The posting gives the following as an e-mail address: marketpenn@aol.com.
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