Book takes detailed look at Confederate raid across York County

This scene showing the burning of the Wrightsville Bridge in 1863 is the focal point of the cover of Scott Mingus’ newest book. Background posts: Unsung York County asset: Actual, virtual historical community with hustle and Books probing York County in the Civil War come in strong, sudden onslaught and Signs point to York, ‘Prize of the Confederacy,’ and other York/Adams Civil War wonders.

Fellow blogger Scott Mingus’ new book is the most thorough micro-study yet of the Confederate expedition to the banks of the Susquehanna River in late June 1863.
That raid included the controversial surrender of York, which Mingus covers in detail… .

More to come on this important work, “Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863.”
Meanwhile, click here for ordering information.

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One Response to Book takes detailed look at Confederate raid across York County

  1. Scott Mingus says:

    Readers should be aware that Jim’s book East of Gettysburg was a catalyst for this book, as was my oldest son’s master’s thesis at Millersville University on the burning of the bridge. I was researching the first fighting at Gettysburg – the June 26 skirmishing – for a planned article for Civil War Times Illustrated and recognized the connection to the bridge burning, and decided to tell the full story of the expedition.
    Jim was very supportive, did some painstaking proofreading early in this project, and offered a lot of encouragement. I will be forever grateful!
    The book should be in local stores later this year, but for now is available directly from me for autographed first edition copies. It is not to be confused with Glen Banner’s novel based on the bridge burning. This was the first book written to cover the bridge burning in great detail from a historical perspective, although other books have touched upon the topic, they did not use the available military sources, but focused on the civilian accounts.

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