A short test of your York black history knowledge – Part III

Community leader W. Russell Chapman earned that reputation for his work in public office – and in the private sector. Read below to find out his public service. Background posts: A short test of your York black history knowledge – Part I and Part II and 20 questions and answers to prove your York County smarts .

This blog’s third annual black history quiz consists of names and achievements.
The following is the list of achievements.
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Who was the …
1. First black city school board member?
2. First black female city school board member?
3. First black city school board president?
4. First black city school superintendent?
5. First black female city school superintendent?
6. First black city councilman?
7. First black candidate for mayor?
8. First black female candidate for mayor?
9. First black nurse at Memorial Hospital?
10. First black York County Court of Common Pleas judicial candidate?

1. W. Russell Chapman
2. Doris Sweeney
3. Douglas Smallwood
4. Frederick D. Holliday
5. Tresa Diggs
6. Roy Borom
7. Ray Crenshaw
8. C. Kim Bracey
9. Mary E. White
10. Chuck Patterson

Mary E. White became the first black nurse at Memorial Hospital in the mid-1950s.

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