Message behind mural on Manchester Township barn unknown in plain sight

Thousands of people see this sign each day, and thousands probably don’t know what it is touting. Here, painters work on a mural at Stillmeadow Lane and Church Road in Manchester Township in York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday file shot from 2004. (See related photo below.) Background posts: ‘Chaplains: The Calm in the Chaos’, Often forgotten: Achievements of people named on building facades and Colorful paintings highlighted York’s square in 1927 celebration
A newspaper caption with photos of a barn mural compared it to Mail Pouch Tobacco signage of old.
Except that the mural of an oval eagle on the side of a barn in Manchester Township does not bear any words, in accord with township regs.
So here’s the skinny about this silent sign:

Impressive Signs, Inc. painters work on this mural of Insurance Services United in 2004.
Who is it advertising: The logo for Insurance Services United, a York-based independent agent serving southcentral Pennsylvania since 1951.
Painter: Impressive Signs Inc.
Size: 10 feet by 16 feet.
Painting time: 36 hours.
Nearest villages: Foustown and Roundtown

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