Mount Wolf’s war memorial located. But where is Elmwood’s roll of honor?

This interesting memorial shows the World War II honor roll in Mount Wolf, missing for some time but now on display at the borough’s VFW. Charles Stambaugh, who e-mailed this photograph, pointed out that darker, larger writing can be seen behind the white lettering. The number of names just kept growing. Other artifacts of the 100-year-old borough’s past were on display at a temporary museum open as part of the borough’s 2010 centennial. Also of interest: The Last Picture Show: Future mayors soaked in ‘E.T.’ at Mount Wolf, Pa., theater and War memorials stand proudly in towns throughout York County and York County on knees as its men storm Normandy beaches.
Two unrelated e-mails underscored misplaced rolls of honor, war memorials common in towns across York County.
Charles Stambaugh noted Mount Wolf’s roll of military men, first displayed at the firehouse.
It was taken down during a remodeling project and then lost for many years. Then it was found… .

The story goes that a person who use to live in Mt Wolf was on a job outside county borders and ran across Mount Wolf’s roll there.
He return it to the borough, where it was displayed on a restored WWII jeep.
“Its final resting place is now the VFW in MT Wolf,” Charles observed.

And Eric Lehmayer asked about Elmwood’s roll of honor:

“Many years ago there used to be a ‘Roll of Honor’ in the first block of Elmwood Boulevard. It was a sturdy white wooden sign with the names of war veterans who lived in the Elmwood neighborhood. I’m trying to find out what happened to it and if it still exists. I’m the fourth generation of my family who lives on Elmwood Boulevard, so I have an interest in finding out why it was removed.”

He wondered about the story behind this roll of honor missing from this Spring Garden Township neighborhood.
Those rolls of honor can provide an interesting mini-hobby. When you go to practically any town, try to find its monument. Many have them on bold display.
West York’s is prominently displayed at the site of the old Martin-Parry Field near West York High School. Goldsboro’s is in the middle of its square.
And now we know the whereabouts of Mount Wolf’s. Maybe some helpful reader will help us locate Elmwood’s.
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4 Responses to Mount Wolf’s war memorial located. But where is Elmwood’s roll of honor?

  1. Dave Gulden says:

    The Elmwood memorial was taken down in the 1960’s. As I recall it was in poor condition. The heroes of Elmwood were honored on a memorial just north of Druck Valley Road, on a Central School District property on the west side of Sherman Street. It still exists.

  2. terrence downs says:

    I read with delight fellow blogger Dave Gulden’s message, but regret to say – the sign Dave speaks of it not the same one: I recall the Elmwood Roll of Honor being in place in front (on the median at) 2 Elmwood Boulevard as late as the early 1980’s. When the new traffic median was installed, possibly it was removed then. As was mentioned by Mr. Eric Leymayer, it was a wood sign – white in color with black lettering (when signs were painted!). The marker Mr. Gulden mentions is the Pleasureville Roll of Honor located along No. Sherman Street in front of the site of the Administrative Offices of Central York School District, formerly Pleasureville Elementary School.

  3. Barb Dauber says:

    The last time I saw the memorial, I was a kid visiting the Ream family who lived on the corner of the Elmwood BLVD and Market St. We used to walk on the grassy strip from there down to York Little Theater. I’m sure that was the sign we read more than once. The Hoover family lived right across the street from us. One of the Hoover’s name is on that sign. I’m sorry to hear that it was moved. I’m 68 now and that was a long time ago.

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