The Little Green Church: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Sept. 24, 2010

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 415 N. West St., York, began as a Sunday school in 1912. It will serve as rest station for ‘This Ol’ House,’ the Avenues Tour of Homes, 2 p.m.-6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010. Twelve houses will be on display. For details about tickets, contact Mary Anne Bacas of the Avenues Neighborhood Association. (See photo of another home on the tour below from the tour booklet take includes colorful pictures of the Victorian-era homes.) Also of interest: Art and history and a celebration of the Avenues at a York, Pa. funeral home and S. Morgan Smith and P.H. Glatfelter head list of York County industrial movers and shakers and Since its earliest years, Farquhar Park has represented a hilltop prize in York, Pa..

Neat stuff from all over …
A query on The Exchange is seeking information about the whereabouts of the Markey collection of steam and battle organs?
“Years ago the Markey family of Dallastown or Yoe had a collection of very large and beautifully painted truck mounted Circus steam organs and battle organs (battle organ is a very large organ used in fairs and circuses),” “Jimmy Bear” queried… .

“I believe this Markey family may have had a farm or fruit farm. Mr. Markey would often display some of his fine collection in street fairs and other community events. It was a fantastic collection. The sound generated from these organs was a real treat to the ears. Actually in my York County post card collection I have several postcards depicting several examples from the Markey collection. Does anyone have any info about this collection of circus organs or know if they still exist in York County?”
Please comment on The Exchange or below.
This weekend: The York County Heritage Trust’s museums will participate in Smithsonian Magazine’s 6th Annual Museum Day on Saturday, Sept. 25. Admission is free to all visitors who download the Museum Day ticket from
Upcoming event: A centennial celebration of the J.H. Rudy Bros. stained glass windows at First Moravian Church is set for Oct. 31.
The celebration will include a worship service, a traditional Moravian Lovefeast, and a portrayal of York’s S. Morgan Smith, the Moravian pastor turned industrialist. Details forthcoming.
Recommended Web site: Visit to find areas throughout the world where slavery has been uncovered. Unfortunately, cases of human trafficking been found in York County.
Recommended forum, The Exchange: Oyster Festival is coming up at York County Heritage Trust. Here is discussion on oysters, recipes and their place in York County’s past.

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This home at 500 Linden Ave., York, will be part of the Avenue Tour of Homes. This Queen Anne Stick style home, built in 1889, was first owned by Andrew Watt, partner in Watt Brothers Paint and Wallpaper store.

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8 Responses to The Little Green Church: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Sept. 24, 2010

  1. jim and jean leaman says:

    Hi Jim: Love those history articles in the Sunday News. Do you have anything on the Hench and Dromgold Mfg. Co. Samuel Nevin Hench was the first owner of our house and Walker A. Dromgold’s house is next door. We have connected with the grandchildren (in their 80’s) of Samuel Hench and they will be staying with us for the third time in mid October. None of us know the history of the closing of the company. Wondering if you have anything. Kind regards
    Jim and Jean Leaman

  2. Jim McClure says:

    Jim, I know you’ve been at the Heritage Trust library and probably have mined what’s there. Have you tried Historic York? That’s an often overlooked resource, with files on many buildings, particularly those of historical import. I’ll repost this on blog and maybe that will prompt some info./Jim

  3. Mike Beshore says:

    We at C. J. Beshore Associates, made the fenders for Mr. Markey and his Mack truck with the organ on it. He told us the truck was an ambulance during WW 1. The original fenders were too rusty to use. One had to be notched for the stearing column to pass through. Markey was a great guy, very personable and acted like a kid when that organ would play. I believe he found the organ in Germany and shipped it here. Can’t remember if it was restored in Germany or the US.

  4. Betsy Baird says:

    I have three postcards of the Markey circus organs/trucks. And I can believe
    how beautiful they must look!

    500 Linded Ave bears special memories to me, also.

  5. Sandra leiphart says:

    I love your articles, ESP on the homes on the avenues. Can you tell me who makes the color schemes for the exteriors of the homes?

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